⚔️Super Galactic PVP & Campaign Winners

🎉⚔️ We are very excited to announce that Super Galactic PVP will officially go LIVE TOMORROW!⚔️🎉

Queue randomly against any other player, or search with a specific tag to queue up with a friend.

A week ago we held a new Alpha Test campaign that ended on 08.07.2022.

We have now randomly picked the five winners of $51 each, and the 365 new players.

In the upcoming weeks, these 365 winners will also be able to log in with their ERC20 wallet to Super Galactic, showcasing the Web 3.0 connectivity to the game itself.

Congratulations to the 365 new players! These winners will receive an email by tomorrow. Check your spam mail and read the Medium.

Article Content 👇

  1. Super Galactic Alpha — Campaign Winners (Email is sent to whitelist winners, with your very own UID!)
  2. New Competition!
  3. Super Galactic PVP LIVE Tomorrow
  4. Patch Update
  5. How To Download
  6. How To Play
  7. Super Galactic Tournaments

1. Super Galactic Alpha — Campaign Winners

The campaign will give 365 new players their own login to Super Galactic Alpha Testing. That means we will have a total of 1,565 people testing our debut game.

Winners will receive an email by tomorrow. Check your Spam mail and read the Medium. This is where you will receive your very own UID key, which is needed to play Super Galactic.

Check your Spam mail, and read Medium for the next steps.

Simply use the UID together with the email that you provided in the campaign/google form.

Five out of the 365 applicants were lucky enough to take home some prize money!

The five prize winners are:

  1. https://twitter.com/iwillcrypto
  2. https://twitter.com/nickhantucarter
  3. https://twitter.com/Gr33nKn1ght
  4. https://twitter.com/LlamaDwade
  5. https://twitter.com/JohnnyCrypto51

🎉Congratulations! The five of you will be sent the prize money by Wednesday.

2. New Competition!

In celebration of our PVP release, we are hosting a new competition!

The rules are very simple and straightforward.

Tag 2 friends, Retweet, Like, and Comment on our newest tweet:


👉Start date: Today 11.07.2022

👉End date: Friday 15.07.2022

👉Prize: $100

One lucky winner that has completed the steps above will receive $100 on Sunday.

Good luck!

3. Super Galactic PVP LIVE Tomorrow

We are very excited to showcase Super Galactic’s first PVP mode, a duel format.

Stay tuned for the “PVP LIVE” announcement, we will let you know when we are going live tomorrow.

Fight your friends in a private lobby, or queue up against a random player.

Will you become the #1 Super Galactic PVPer?

That’s right, our first P2E game will not force you to stick to PVE gameplay. Players of Super Galactic will be able to play fully fledged PVP from the get-go.

Alpha testers will be able to test this feature out already from tomorrow, however by the time we launch Beta, anyone can step into the arena to fight.

It is important to note that Alpha Testers that will experience this will be using an early iteration of the PVP mode. The first released mode is a simple duel feature, allowing you to duel anyone that is randomly queued up at the same time as you, or you and a friend can write a similar gametag to queue up.

Eventually, we will include a deathmatch mode, battleground mode, arena mode, and more. These modes will provide more challenges and opportunities for players to test their skills against each other.

At a later stage, we will provide an article explaining the layout of all the new abilities and PVP modes.

4. Patch Update

  • PvP

- Search with the same specific Game Tag to queue up and battle against a friend. This will create a private lobby for both of you.

- Duel mode

  • Single

- Drop system: now in-game resources like hp, shield, energy and ammo will be replenished by picking up drops from defeated enemies.

  • New characters

- Incendius


+ Zealous strikes

+ Napalm sprinkling

+ Flame stream

- Zegoc


+ Round slash

+ Laser beam

+ Flash

- Myronox


+ Boundless strike

+ Thunderwave

+ Grenade throw

  • Players will be able to utilize the environment to replenish their HP, shields, energy, and ammo.
  • Play with 5 characters instead of 2.
  • More abilities were added.
  • PVP duel mode added (Upcoming week).

5. How to download

Curious about how to download the Super Galactic Alpha? Don’t worry, it’s simple.

However, only the 1,565 alpha testers will have access to the game. If you are one of the new 365 winners, you will receive an email by tomorrow.

You will receive a link and individual UID code through the email you gave in the Campaign submitted in the Google Form. Install the client, and use your email and UID that you received in the email. Remember that you can only use this on one device.

Step 1: Press the Google Drive link here or go to our official Discord.

Step 2: Go to the “application-download” on our official Discord channel and find the download link.

Step 3: Download the game.

Step 4. Right-click and download the .zip file.

Step 5. Launch “SuperGalactic.exe”.

Step 6. Input your email and UID key. Check your email/spam inbox — You should have received the UID key by now.

Enjoy, and play the game! Report any bugs that might find your way by pressing the “Report” button found in the main menu.

6. How To Play

  1. Log in with your UID and email.
  2. Choose a soldier in the “Crew” lobby.
  3. Choose a weapon in the “Armory”.
  4. If you want to play Solo or PVE: Choose a planet and mission in “Star Map”. Press “Enter Portal” and “Deploy”.
  5. If you want to play PVP: Choose “Duel”. Press “Find Duel” to find a random player or type a specific game tag to play with friends in a private lobby.
  6. Enjoy!

7. Super Galactic Tournaments

In a time when video games are becoming more popular than ever before, PVP modes have become an essential part of many titles. From fighting against players in intense contests for control over resources or just pure survival at all costs; there’s something about entering into a competition that fires up your competitive side! And with Super Galactic’s new Duel PvP Mode being released — This is what we seek.

Super Galactic will be heavily focusing on the PVP features.

As we have our very own game with PVP capabilities, we will of course be hosting tournaments in our all-new duel PVP mode.

As a first step towards that, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting PVP tournaments in our all-new PVP mode. These tournaments will aim to reward the very best Super Galactic PVPer. Keep your eyes peeled on our announcement channel and Twitter for more information.

We can’t wait to see who comes out on top!

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UFO Gaming ($UFO) is a fully decentralized inter-galactic social gaming token. Website: https://www.ufogaming.io/ | Telegram: https://t.me/ufotokenofficial

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UFO Gaming ($UFO) is a fully decentralized inter-galactic social gaming token. Website: https://www.ufogaming.io/ | Telegram: https://t.me/ufotokenofficial