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7 min readJan 21, 2022

The First UFO Gaming Bi-Weekly

We are introducing UFO Gaming Bi-Weekly, a once every two-week technology blog or community update that will showcase parts of our work. We can not disclose the whole working process, but we will give you a glimpse of what is to come every other week.

Watch the video version of the update!

The whole UFO Gaming team has been working diligently behind the scenes over the last few months, securing new personnel and clients, planning future development, proposals, staking, the Chainlink hackathon, and arranging forthcoming events. In the future, we will engage more time in community platforms, most notably our Youtube channel and other social media. This bi-weekly community update is a direct testament to that. We will continuously keep you updated on our progress. UFO Gaming’s journey has barely started, and we are making valid efforts as we advance to assure continued development while pleasing our community.

The next few months will be busy, and we have a tight Q1 schedule that is perfectly on track to be fulfilled.

Our short-term products encompass the following:

  • Staking app
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Breeding Contracts
  • UAP launch (2nd token)
  • Game Integration SCs
  • Beta Game Launch
  • Official Game Launch
    PVE & PVP multiplayer
  • Virtual Land
  • Metaverse Build Out

UFO Gaming will be a vast dynamic Metaverse platform, encompassing many games, virtual land, an interactive ‘Dark Metaverse’, and a dedicated community. This is not an easy task, but we have the resources and talented developers to make all of this happen. To reach our end goal, we will release our upcoming products in phases, starting with increasing the value flow inside our ecosystem, increasing our liquidity, TVL, and bootstrapping our economic incentives. $UFO will be a massive ecosystem with a “One planet. One game” Metaverse, aims to capture various markets. Our debut game, Super Galactic, will be the initial step in exploring the Dark Metaverse.

The first phase in this endeavor is the UFO staking app, allowing users to earn Plasma Points and UFO rewards. To understand the basics, please read our previous Medium article (https://medium.com/@UFOtruth/event-horizon-dual-staking-faa4df23c272) about the dual-staking feature. As a result, our ecosystem will have its first deflationary reward system, making the native UFO token more scarce. However, that is not all; Users will have to stake their UFO tokens to earn Plasma Points. They can only be generated through the UFO staking app. With Plasma Points, you can mint rare NFTs called Genesis NFTs, giving you the possibility to earn UAP and be the first to breed. These Genesis NFTs, the breeding mechanism, and the UAP token represent our ecosystem’s second value flow.

The second phase includes the NFT Marketplace reveal, which will be the main hub for UFO Gaming users, allowing them to trade our native assets.

The third phase will be the Super Galactic launch, giving our Genesis NFTs purpose as they are needed to play the game. Swiftly after launch, the breeding contracts will allow people to fuse two NFTs to make a new one.


We have been hiring many new people in the past few months. In total, we have over 40 people across the world working on the UFO Gaming vision. These hires include a brand and game designer who has earlier worked in EA, talented developers from AAA studios, and an experienced CTO. Among those hires, we have been lucky enough to secure Eric, a talented CTO with a ton of experience building out a talented development team. The staking DAPP, NFT marketplace, game, and metaverse are all but inevitable with his steering capabilities.

Let’s hear a few enlightening words from our CTO, Eric Stone

Hi UFO Army.

Eric Stone here, I’m the CTO for UFO, and I can’t be more excited to meet you all (virtually) over the next few months. I joined the project a few months ago and have been working hard to get the technology ready to launch as fast as I can.

Staking and NFTs

First, let’s talk about UFO staking and NFT’s. The staking app is completed and pending audit. With the newly designed staking app, you will be able to stake UFO on Ethereum and bridge your Plasma rewards to the Polygon blockchain. We decided to migrate to Polygon (MATIC), where over 70% of all GameFi projects are running. Polygon is a 100% Ethereum-compatible Layer-2 sidechain, which means we’ll get:

  • High speed
  • Lower costs

While still supporting the entire Ethereum ecosystem. This means that you’ll be able to play Super Galactic, breed/mint NFTs and explore the Dark Metaverse at significantly lower gas fees — making the overall UFO Gaming experience much more enjoyable.

Don’t forget; the staking app will let you stake both UFO tokens and UFO-ETH LP UNI-V2 tokens to get even more rewards. Everyone can earn Plasma and UFO by staking, but you will get a more attractive bonus for staking in the UFO-ETH LP pool. Both kinds of tokens will get a multiplier of Plasma and UFO rewards by staking for extended periods. It will be easy and, in the long run, less costly than running on Ethereum.

Genesis NFTs

Second, we’ve completed the design and game rules around the Genesis NFTs and built an incredible progression for genetic breeding, where you will get more powerful characters as you power up and breed NFTs in Super Galactic. All of this will happen on the Polygon network, where you’ll play Super Galactic and earn UAP tokens, which you can then combine with UFO to increase the breeding generation of your NFTs.

NFT Marketplace

Third, we’re hard at work building out the NFT marketplace for the game on Polygon. The NFT marketplace will be the hub for NFTs and Dark Metaverse land and will span all of the great upcoming titles under the UFO brand.

Super Galactic & Metaverse

Fourth, we’ve been hard at work with the Super Galactic gaming team finishing up the networked version of the game, testing the mobile versions, and overall putting the polish and finishing touches on the systems. If you didn’t know, we’ve been hard at work on the multi-player aspects of the game, which is a considerable effort! We can now host PvP and cooperative missions on Super Galactic and a lot more cool missions and features. Multi-player gives us many more options for gameplay and the opportunity for you all to have a better experience playing with your friends (and enemies!). We have plans to support guilds and other great social-playing features, so the wait has been worth it. Super Galactic is going to be awesome!

We are going to have the most incredible Metaverse gaming platform on the blockchain, and we want you all to be a part of the Dark Metaverse. Staking UFO and UFO-ETH LP is the first step, and its just around the corner. Shortly, you will be able to earn Plasma and UFO, and then soon after that, redeem your Plasma for the Genesis NFT’s and start playing Super Galactic!

Frag you soon,


UFO Gaming and Horizon’s newly-acquired esport team

UFO Gaming Aquiring an esport team

In collaboration with Horizon Union, we have acquired an esport team that will represent UFO Gaming on the professional scene. This is part of our mission to capture the gaming market as a whole.

Along with developing our ecosystem, UFO Gaming is focused on having a robust esports presence in some of the most popular titles to date by 2022, in partnership with partners such as Horizon Union. We intend to recognize and support grassroots competitive potential while also establishing a presence in the esports industry.

Rebranded UFO Gaming and Plasma Point logo

New Logo

As you may have noticed from some of our recent video clips and images, we have also worked on a logo rebrand. As time will show, this is part of a more significant work behind the scenes.

We will part with a repeat of our dear CTO’s words:

“We are going to have the most incredible Metaverse gaming platform on the blockchain, and we want you all to be a part of the Dark Metaverse.”

And the UFOARMY will be an essential part of this.

⚫️ The Dark Metaverse is closer than you think.

Learn more about UFO:

UFO Gaming ($UFO) is a fully decentralized inter-galactic social gaming token. Play-To-Earn. Metaverse. Virtual land. NFT. Gaming. IDO. All in one place.



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