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10 min readJun 10, 2022

The 11th edition of the Fortnightly will introduce an update of the Metaverse Event, staking dApp, fortnightly Q & A format, and Super Galactic. Our increased focus on the community has given you the opportunity to voice your opinions regarding several topics.


  • New Landing Website
  • Super Galactic — UI decision
  • The Dark Metaverse Event & Staking dApp Update
  • Community Q & A
  • Super Galactic Gameplay

New Landing Website

We have officially released a completely reworked UFO Gaming website, acting as the new hub for UFO Gaming.


The Play-to-Earn sector is plagued with mediocre onboarding experiences and many worse design problem patterns. In addition, we need a single site for storing and interacting with all of our content.

In the future, the Dark Metaverse ecosystem will contain a dedicated NFT marketplace, a variety of games, a staking dApp, and other onboarding necessities.

This website will serve as a starting point for any user or studio/game developer that wants to create using UFO, providing a central destination for information and staking operations, among other things.

Additionally, it will continually progress the project, enabling the incorporation of new projects easier.

As a first step towards mastering this industry, we begin with our website, UFO Gaming’s home base.

Super Galactic — UI decision

UI design is vital for any video game. A well-designed UI will make a game more intuitive and easy to use, while a poorly designed UI can make even the simplest tasks frustrating. SG’s UI team has been hard at work to ensure that our game has an attractive and functional UI. However, we know that there is always room for improvement.

That’s why we’re so grateful to have such an active and engaged community who are always ready to give their input on how we can make our game better. Recently, some of the community members weighed in on what style of UI they prefer. We received a lot of great feedback and are currently in the process of implementing some of the suggested changes. We’re confident that these changes will make SG an even more enjoyable experience for everyone. Thank you, as always, for your support!

As the alpha testers of SG have experienced, the Super Galactic client is finished. However, there are still necessary tweaks to be implemented for the game to make it as smooth and intuitive as possible.

The Dark Metaverse Event & Staking dApp Update

As we wanted to couple the staking dApp launch together with the preliminary version of our Dark Metaverse, we were waiting until we can release them together. After larger-scale stress-testing the Metaverse servers with around 100 participants simultaneously, our developers noticed a lag in the servers, which would impact the success of the launch event therefore, we are upgrading the servers in order to be able to handle thousands of attendees and be as smooth as possible.

We are happy to inform that this issue has been solved and the Dark Metaverse is ready for our launch party!

The Staking dApp’s functionalities and audits are completed, and it is at the precipice to be unleashed upon our valued community.

Here is the code itself for the Ethereum-based staking dApp:


Keep in mind, this is only the dApp code itself. We have pasted the repository to a new github.

Official Hacken Audit on the Ethereum code:


As a testament to our transparency we have decided to release the Ethereum-based staking dApp repository to the public eye.

For those that don’t know, a staking dApp for cryptocurrency is the process of holding funds in a wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. Unlike mining, which requires expensive hardware and consumes large amounts of energy, staking is relatively simple and can be done with any compatible wallet. In our case, the staking dApp will support known wallets such as Metamask, Walletconnect, Coinbase wallet, and more. In return for supporting the network, stakers are typically rewarded with a portion of the block rewards. In our case, the #UFOARMY will be rewarded with both Plasma Points and UFO tokens.

The team is grateful for the support and patience of our community, and we are extremely excited to be releasing the first of many products under the UFO Gaming brand.

The reason we haven’t launched the staking dapp yet is because after we completed testing and audits, then deployed to the main net we saw that the gas fees were between 200–300USD. At this point we had a decision to make.

Either launch the staking dapp in its current form and let the community pay the higher gas fees…

Or to recreate the dap code on polygon and launch there to save each community member hundreds of dollars but take an extra couple of weeks to launch.

Aside from cutting the gas fees from $200 to $1, there are several other benefits for us launching the dApp on Polygon.

Why is it the right choice to move our staking dApp to the Polygon mainnet?

  • Super Galactic: is already operating on the Polygon network. Due to the need to update our dynamic NFTs every 24 hours, the gas fees would have been unsustainable. By moving the staking dApp to the Matic mainnet, the synergy between Plasma Points, UFO tokens, UAP tokens and Super Galactic will make more sense.
  • Plasma Points: Instead of having to bridge Plasma Point tokens and UFO tokens to Polygon, users only have to bridge UFO tokens once to the Matic mainnet. The process is essentially simplified. Bridge UFO tokens once over to the Polygon network and you are done.
  • UAP: From the beginning, UAP will be accessible from Polygon by playing Super Galactic and winning missions. It is the secondary token in the ecosystem that will be needed to upgrade weapons, body parts, and even breed.
  • Breeding: When breeding, users would have to spend UFO- and UAP tokens on Polygon. By expediting this process to the beginning, we are essentially removing the necessity to bridge more than once. Instead of having to bridge in order to breed and get your Plasma Points to Polygon, you will automatically get your Plasma Points to the correct chain from the very beginning.
  • Gas fees: The transition to Polygon will reduce gas fees from $200-$300 on a congested Ethereum network to >$1 on Polygon.
  • Interaction speed: Polygon is a full-stack scaling solution, which includes high-speed transactions with next to no gas fees. This will be valuable for our unique dynamic NFTs, which will be updated on a daily. In addition, as an ETH Layer 2 blockchain Polygon will have the benefits of fully using Ethereum’s security and network effects.


You can soon expect a completely reworked website and Twitter completely dedicated to the launch of the UFOGEES.

Rest assured UFOGEES Discord users, your UFORRENCY won’t be wasted.

Keep your eyes peeled on our announcement page.

Community Q & A

Here is the Twitter Spaces recording: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1eaKbNQMMAdKX



We will be introducing a Q & A section in our upcoming fortnightly articles and videos.

The purpose is to voice the opinion of our valued #UFOARMy, allowing everyone to share any type of feedback and criticism aimed at making the UFO Gaming brand better.

Do you want your question to be answered on the next fortnightly? Simply respond to our dedicated Q & A tweet or Telegram.

Questions From Community:

Q: Are there any plans about developing some mini-games after staking dapp release.

A: As a gaming platform we have a ton of plans for several genres of games in the future. Mini-games are definitely included in this. However, we are first focusing most of our resources on releasing Super Galactic.

Q: Is there any plan to decrease the circulating supply. There is too much $UFO supply in circulation when we expect some percentage of burning.

A: Well, most of the supply is currently in the community’s hands. The supply is already circulating 100% due to UFO Gaming being a fairly launched project. UFO Gaming is truly community-owned in this essence. However, there are two steps we have taken to reward the community.

When Super Galactic is live we are introducing burning features to our tokenomics. When users are breeding Genesis NFTs, a portion will be diverged by burning.

Q: Does the ufo team acknowledge that community sentiment could have been better supported in the last 6 months? If yes sir, what are some things the team could do better moving forward?

A: As anyone who follows us knows, we have been making a lot of changes lately in order to be more helpful and engaged with our community. We started doing Fortnightly updates to recap everything that happened in the past week, and we also started doing live AMAs so that people could ask us anything they wanted. We also decided to release some of our code as open-source, so that people could see how we operate and maybe even help us improve it. We are always looking at new ways to be helpful and transparent, as our recent efforts show. We want to make sure that our community always feels supported, and we will keep working hard to find new ways to achieve that goal. Thank you for your continued support!

Q: I think it is better to move the stacking and the games to Solana or polygon blockchain. Ethereum fees are too high if not it will keep someone like me out from playing the games I can’t pay $20 to $100 just to play for games..

A: Great question! It certainly makes sense to operate our applications on a blockchain that has low gas fees. The recurring problem with Ethereum is that the gas fees are unsustainable when there are several transactions that are needed to be done. This is also why we have concluded with moving our staking dApp to the Polygon ecosystem.

With Polygon we will have

-Close to non-existent gas fees.

-Full-stack, instant transactions.

-Users will only have to bridge UFO tokens once, before staking their tokens.

-Previously, there was a necessity to bridge UFO tokens and Plasma tokens after the staking was finished.

Q: Can we expect more games on the platform this year? Except from super galactic ofc.

A: Super Galactic will take up a lot of resources. We are implementing PVE, PVP, in-game NFT characters, and weapons. All of this will be interconnected through a complex, upgradable system, run by UAP. We are first- and foremost going to be perfecting Super Galactic, rivaling the likes of Axie Infinity. However, when we are happy with the current version of Super Galactic, we will be focusing on the next games. However, we are in communication with several gaming studios and we are of course looking to build more games internally.

Q: Now with the mission within the game, will it start from “mission 1” and consequently up, or will it be random like it is now?

A: It will depend on several factors. Your power score is equal to the level and rarity of your body parts. By having a higher power score you will have access to more difficult missions. This means that according to your play-rate you will have access to more difficult missions. However, in the beginning it will be randomized.

Q: You said you will update the website by the end of May?

A: The website is completely reworked and went live yesterday: https://ufogaming.io

Super Galactic Gameplay

Watch Y4 take on the Super Galactic realm in our exclusive Alpha test.

The Super Galactic alpha test continues, and we are thankful for all the positive feedback and criticism. Every single ticket submitted is reviewed and taken into consideration.

If you are one of our 1,200 Alpha Testers, simply press the “support” button in our main menu.

Learn more about UFO:

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