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7 min readJun 24, 2022

The 12th edition of the Fortnightly will provide a discussion on recent developments, a brief talk on the market, and some news on Super Galactic. Additionally, our increased prioritization of community interaction and transparency has given you the opportunity to voice your opinions regarding several topics through our community Q & A which we’ll touch on at the end.

In video format with the well-known Ace:


  • A Note On The Current Volatile Market

→ Global Markets: Undeniable Volatility

→ UFO Gaming — Development and Progress, even in a Bear Market

→ Prioritizing Quality And Safety

  • Community Q & A & Super Galactic PVP

A Note On The Current Volatile Market

UFO Gaming is a gaming company that seeks to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain, all while offering the best P2E genres for our dear users. This is our vision, goal, and overarching ambition. No matter the market conditions, this will never waver.

Usually, we keep our articles and focal points strictly to development, but seeing as the majority of our community are active investors in the crypto market, we would like to share some words on the current volatile market that the crypto world is currently experiencing.

In this section, we will provide a brief discussion on the current market, and offer some reassuring words on our progress.

Global Markets: Undeniable Volatility

The last few weeks have been difficult for the financial capital markets as well as cryptocurrency. The top 100 projects and their market caps dried up, giant crypto companies such as Coinbase had a ton of layoffs, Luna/UST collapsed, and $10bn fund 3AC was on the brink of insolvency, all while inflation is soaring to its highest rate since 1982.

As a result, the American Federal Reserve has increased the Basis Points across the United States, severely limiting the economic spending of people around the world.

There is no way to sugarcoat this situation, it certainly is not fun for anyone. But you better believe the crypto community has been through this ride several times before, and every time we have surfaced stronger, better, and even more unshakable. This will stand true once again, but it won’t happen overnight. Patience is key.

UFO Gaming — Development and Progress, even in a Bear Market

We are not just working on the staking dApp, but also working on our other products in parallel, such as our debut game Super Galactic, our Dark Metaverse, UFOgees NFTs, NFT marketplace, IGO launchpad, and so on with a team of 40 members. However, staking dApp is our priority to release when it’s ready as soon as possible.

Our successful deployment of the Alpha version of our debut game on desktop and android, was our first release of a working product, are you one of the alpha testers? The game development is the most complex part and it’s coming along very nicely. Stay tuned for PvP mode coming out shortly.

Why is the staking dApp taking longer than it should?

This is due to several reasons:

  • As simple as a staking dApp sounds, UFO Gaming staking dApp is very unique with complex functionality, which will reward our holders with plasma points and UFO tokens.
  • At first, plasma points (PP) were the ONLY reward that the community was going to get when they stake UFO or UFO ETH/LP
  • A new reward function was implemented, so users can now also get a $UFO token when they stake.
  • The servers for our Dark Metaverse not being able to withstand large amounts of visitors for our dApp launch party was resolved
  • The staking lock function was changed from 3,6,9,12 months to 52 weeks (flexible), which will benefit our holders in the short and long term when they stake.
  • Staking dApp moving from ETH network to Polygon, which will reduce gas cost and solve the problem for breeding (UFO on ETH and UAP on polygon).

We understand the requirement shouldn’t be changed during development, however, it was in the best interest of our community (Added to the lesson learned). Releasing the staking dapp on the ETH network during this market condition isn’t the best time, it would have been a different story during the bull run, no one cares as much about the gas fees.

It is important to note that we couldn’t have reached this far without the UFO Army, and do appreciate all the support from you all. The team is working so hard too and will continue to do so regardless of market conditions.

To summarize:

-Code is completed and adjusted for Polygon and its native bridge.

-Testing completed, no surface problems.

-Submitted the final code to auditors. Paid an extra fee to speed it up. Awaiting for a response from them.

Prioritizing Quality And Safety

For non-developers, it is essential to know that making an ambitious platform that encompasses several games, staking dapp, and NFT marketplace takes time. Especially since we are heavily prioritizing quality and security in these times.

Giants such as Luna, Axie, and Celsius have in recent times proven that taking time to build should always be prioritized compared to rushing builds out and risking an exploit. In the end, if an exploit happens it does impact the community. This will not be a scenario with us.

The main build and vision are relatively clear and straightforward to develop, but perfecting details and connectivity between the blockchain and the game takes time.

Bugs, glitches, and perfecting the synergy between many systems are time-consuming and require a big focus on small details.

Rest assured, we are always busy developing, connecting, and building.

No matter the market conditions, we will continue to build. And when the time is right, our product and platform will speak for themselves in terms of quality.


You can soon expect a completely reworked website and Twitter completely dedicated to the launch of the UFOGEES.

Community Q & A & Super Galactic PVP

Two weeks ago we introduced a Q & A section in our upcoming fortnightly updates.

The purpose is to voice the opinion of our valued #UFOARMy, allowing everyone to share any type of feedback and criticism aimed at making the UFO Gaming brand better.

Do you want your question to be answered the next fortnightly? Simply respond to our dedicated Q & A tweet or Telegram.

This week’s Q & A was more specified towards the matter of Super Galactic PVP. We asked our community for their thoughts on which PVP mode they would like to see added.

Eventually, various PVP options will be available, but we want to hear which mode is the most appealing to our players. ⚔️ Do you prefer fast-paced action and strategic gameplay or mindlessly firing your legendary weapon at enemies?

Here are some of the Answers From the Community:

Twitter: Twitter

Telegram: Telegram (Group)

A: ShakyCryptoKnees: A 2v2 would be interesting to play. It would require strategic gameplay from both teams and could open up a whole new “game mode” of 2v2s. Then could further develop into 3v3 and 4v4 with the winning team earning rewards each time.

A: hk: Strategic gameplay like capture the flag would be fun I guess

A: karen dokhramajyan: I think fast fight mode will be good 😉

A: René Puhlmann: 1vs1, 2vs2 , 3vs3, 5vs5. in Best of 3 Mode with a scoring system. Small maps, battle overall no longer as 30 minutes

A: Invader Zim: more strategy means more game time and more engagement I think.

A: FucYuMan: 1v1, 2v2 max 3v3 PvP sounds good.

While this is out of the question scope, Sixtus mentioned something interesting:

Q: Sixtus: I’m thinking can you guys add withdrawal with Matic Mainnet in kucoin exchange etc it will make it easier for games and stacking.

To answer your inquiry Sixtus: Yes, this is certainly something we want. Being able to withdraw and deposit using both Ethereum and Polygon (Matic) mainnet would simplify the usage of our applications and games that are Polygon based. You’ll be satisfied to know that this is already in our TO-DO list.

With Polygon we will have several community-favored features. There will be close to non-existent gas fees with a full-stack EVM-based blockchain, and instant transactions.

Users will only have to bridge UFO tokens once, before staking their tokens. Previously, there was a necessity to bridge UFO tokens and Plasma tokens after the staking was finished. However, by implementing Sixtus’s proposal allowing users to deposit and withdraw from both networks through Central Exchanges, the process can be even more simplified for some. It is indeed a very good suggestion that will be taken into account.

Learn more about UFO:

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