#13 UFO Gaming Fortnightly

UFO Gaming
11 min readJul 8, 2022


The 13th edition of the Fortnightly will give an overview of the Staking dApp, Alpha Test Competition, Super Galactic PVP, UFOGEES, and a Community Q & A.

Due to UFO Gaming turning 1, we introduced a campaign allowing 365 new people to participate in the Super Galactic Alpha Test, in addition to giving 5 people the chance to win $51 each.

The Super Galactic PVP section will give you an overview of the first iteration release of duel mode.

Video Format:


  • Staking dApp Update
  • Super Galactic PVP
  • → Super Galactic Tournaments
  • Community Q & A &
  • UFO Gaming Anniversary
  • Alpha Test Competition

Staking dApp Update

As you all know we had to rewrite the contracts to move our staking dapp to the Polygon network for faster speeds and lower gas fees. The code itself is done and our internal testing was completed successfully over the last couple of weeks. We are now waiting on auditors to provide final feedback before proceeding with the launch.

Super Galactic PVP

We are very excited to showcase Super Galactic’s first PVP mode, a duel format.

Fight your friends in a private lobby, or queue up against a random player.

Will you become the #1 Super Galactic PVPer?

That’s right, our first P2E game will not force you to stick to PVE gameplay. Players of Super Galactic will be able to play fully fletched PVP from the get-go.

Alpha testers will be able to test this feature out already from next week, however by the time we launch Beta, anyone can step into the arena to fight.

It is important to note that Alpha Testers that will experience this will be using an early iteration of the PVP mode. The first released mode is a simple duel feature, allowing you to duel anyone that is randomly queued up at the same time as you, or you and a friend can write a similar gametag to queue up.

Eventually, we will include a deathmatch mode, battleground mode, arena mode, and more. These modes will provide more challenges and opportunities for players to test their skills against each other.

We will provide an article explaining the layout of all the new abilities and PVP modes.

Additional patch update:

  • Players will be able to utilize the environment to replenish their HP, shields, energy, and ammo.
  • Play with 5 characters instead of 2.
  • More abilities were added.
  • PVP duel mode added (Upcoming week).

Super Galactic Tournaments

As we have our very own game with PVP capabilities, we will of course be hosting tournaments in our all-new duel PVP mode.

PVP, or Player vs. Player combat, is a central feature of many video games. PVP modes pit players against each other in exciting contests of skill, strategy, and reflexes.

In recent years, PVP has become increasingly popular, with many games offering PVP-focused gameplay. PVP tournaments have also become a popular way for players to test their skills against the best of the best. Super Galactic will be heavily focusing on the PVP feature.

As a first step towards that, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting PVP tournaments in our all-new PVP mode. These tournaments will aim to reward the very best Super Galactic PVPer. Keep your eyes peeled on our announcement channel and Twitter for more information.

We can’t wait to see who comes out on top! 👀



We will be explaining the details of utility, staking, and limit in an updated in-depth article. This explanatory article can be expected in the next few weeks.

Dear UFO Army! We are going to be reviving the UFOGEES concept, giving you the opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting NFT collections, with utilities that will keep you busy for months at a time.

We have gotten to a confident place in our other endeavors and developments, giving us the opportunity to release the first NFT collection to our valued community.

The land of Super Galactic was thriving with peace and unlimited resources. It seemed like nothing could stop them from progressing in the intergalactic space, as the UFOgees were set to become the epitome of technological innovation in the universe. However, the day Vexfiend showed up in the Super Galactic realm, chaos emerged. With his reckless thirst for blood, he slaughtered every living being he could find, including the UFOgees, with no mercy. UFOger managed to save 10,000 of his kind, and they need a new home. These scarce UFOgees will come back someday to reclaim their home planet, but a safe haven is needed until then.

#UFOARMY will you help the UFOgees in their time of need?

UFoger needs help to repopulate his planet, Pegasus, and reclaim authority in the Super Galactic realm. Before the game’s release, we need the help of brave soldiers that can nurture and repopulate the UFogees. By giving 2 UFogee NFTs a home, you will be able to repopulate the population by staking and breeding.

Do not worry; we do not ask you to do this for free. Significant tasks are rewarded with great prizes.

The UFOGEES will have access to various utilities on the day of minting.

UFOGEES holders will enjoy staking, breeding, Plasma Point rewards, and major airdrops. We are integrating real-world mechanics into the reproduction function. Users will be able to stake and breed them in exchange for an egg. By minting or purchasing two UFOGEE NFTs from the market, users may stake and breed them. When a player breeds two UFOGEE NFTs, an egg is produced. This procedure may be repeated. The Egg does not hatch, but it may be traded in exchange for Plasma Points. This provides further usefulness for Plasma Points and, by extension, Super Galactic. A genuinely equitable launch supported by a sustainable approach.

If the same UFOGEES are bred a second time, they will take longer to breed, have a possibility of becoming infertile, and lay defective eggs. Similar to actual biology and domesticated animals, the more the UFOGEES mature and breed, the longer it takes for them to reproduce and introduce genetic defects.

Each of the scarce UFOgees will be unique, with their own set of headwear, shirt, hand object, jewelry accessory, facial feature, and shoes. These randomized features and traits will determine rarity levels.

Community Q & A &

#1 Question by Sumit: Any approx date for staking and opportunities available as a beta tester?

Answer: The beta test will be a more comprehensive release of Super Galactic, introducing additional concepts of interconnectivity between Web 3.0 and traditional gameplay. We can’t disclose a specific date, but we are definitely closing in.

To answer your staking question, we are waiting for the last audit. As soon as we receive it, we’ll be ready for launch.

#2 Question by FucYuMan: When is PvP Alpha testing coming out?

Answer: The very first iteration of our PVP mode is now out and fully testable! It is a duel mode where you can randomly queue up against anyone, or simply type the same gametag as your friend to create a private lobby.

This is the first iteration released, and players can expect it to be massively improved over the next few weeks. We are also working on more extensive and fun PVP modes such as deathmatch, arena, and others.

#3 Question by Ward: When Polygon contract?

Answer: When the staking dApp is released, the Polygon contract of UFO token will be revealed.

#4 Question by P◎lemic Brain: When can we use Metamask + Polygon Network to get our tokens out of the exchanges (MEXC) and send them to our wallets?

Answer: We are currently in discussion with our main exchanges about this very matter. In the beginning, users will have to use the Polygon bridge, however, this will of course be expanded upon in due time.

#5 Question by BuythedipButch: 1) What games has UFO seriously considered adding to the platform? 2) Are you pursuing additional funding for the project to continue expanding the platform or are you asking the other projects to fund themselves?

Answer: We are looking for fun, interactive games that stand out and ones where we can easily implement P2E features into. This means that some dual-token system or NFT system needs to be implemented. We’re quite seriously considering Battle Royale, Racing games, ARG, RTS and platform types of games currently. Regarding the second question, we are well funded to keep operating for the next few years but if we really want to grow our ecosystem exponentially and be able to support game developers to build on our platform we will require additional funding which is why we are speaking to VCs and funds at this stage.

#6 Question by TheCryptoFarmer: How many games do you have planned after Super Galactic?

UFO Gaming is an ambitious platform integrating and implementing various games onto our ecosystem. After we fully launch Super Galactic we’ll have a clearer idea of this but currently, we have quite a few exciting game options and concepts lined up. Some of which we’ll build ourselves, others we’ll partner with other gaming companies to launch within our ecosystem. We want to be the top player in P2E games.

#7 Question by Hassan: When is ufo listing on Binance?

Answer: Matters such as these will be announced in our official channels when they are finalized.

#8 Question by duck: When staking?

Answer: To answer your staking question, we are awaiting the final audit, once it’s in we’ll be good to launch.

🎉 UFO Gaming Anniversary

30th of June 2022, UFO Gaming officially turned 1 year. In this Medium article, we showcased our deep appreciation for our community. But we also looked back at our achievements together as a community-driven project.

As UFO Gaming turns 1, we thought it’d be a good time to look back at some of the milestones achieved within our first year, and what a year it’s been:

🛸 Hit over $1.5bn Market Cap

🛸 Made it into Top 100 projects on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

🛸 Made it into the Top 3 Play-To-Earn projects on CoinGecko

🛸 Made it into the Top 4 Metaverse projects on CoinGecko

🛸 Grew our community to 250,000 strong across multiple platforms

🛸 Gained over 64,500 holders

🛸 Launched our debut game Super Galactic Alpha version

🛸 Got listed on 16 exchanges

🛸 Announced 12 partnerships

🛸 Acquired our own eSports team HRZN UFO

🛸 Received over 500 community trust votes on Dextools

🛸 Were the first Blockchain Gaming Platform to host an eSports tournament

🛸 Were the largest sponsor of the Chainlink Fall Hackathon 2021

Alpha Test Competition

A week ago, UFO Gaming officially turned 1! 🎉

In celebration, we held a campaign that ends today, 08.07.2022. As a result, today is your very last day to sign up, giving you the opportunity to win $51 or join the 1,200 other Super Galactic Alpha Testers.


Winners will also be able to log in with their ERC20 wallet to Super Galactic, showcasing the Web 3.0 connectivity to the game itself.

Today is your LAST chance to apply for a new Super Galactic Alpha Spot with this campaign!

We will send out an email to the five prize winners, and the whitelist winners on Monday.

Below, we explain how the process works. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple. 👇


👉Fill out the form: https://forms.gle/cLcaUJzxW286GrX26

👉Whitelist Spot for Alpha testers: 365

👉Campaign Start Date: 30.06.2022 — End Date: 08.07.2022

👉Both existing alpha testers and non-alpha testers may apply.

The existing 1200 Alpha testers can also apply by completing this form to test out the wallet connect to play the early web 3.0 version of SG with Metamask connection and get a chance to win $51 each.

Existing Alpha Testers can still log in to the game via email and UID key.

Haven’t you had a chance to try out Super Galactic yet? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

You can apply to get access to play by connecting your Metamask wallet. All you have to do is complete this form for a chance at getting whitelisted.

🎮 The Process

We are expanding the alpha test spots for 365 new people. In addition, we are implementing a new login solution for these players. In a few weeks, these 365 alpha testers will be able to log in to Super Galactic with a Web 3.0 solution through Wallet Connect.

a. Your wallet will be whitelisted.

b. We are collecting the data now, but once we go live with wallet connect, we will provide an update via email so you can start logging into the game and playing.

c. When do we plan to go live with the wallet connect? This could take around a few weeks, but we will keep you updated.

🏆 Competition

Five random applicants will win $51. However, you must:

- Follow UFO Gaming Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheUFOtoken

- Follow Super Galactic Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuperGalactic51

- Follow UFoger (CEO) Twitter: https://twitter.com/UFogerCEO

- Join UFO Gaming verified Telegram group https://t.me/ufotokenofficial

- Follow Telegram announcement channel https://t.me/UfoTokenAnn

Note: In order to be eligible for a whitelist spot to play the game by connecting your wallet, and get a chance to win $51, you must complete the above steps and the form below.

UFO Gaming Socials: https://linktr.ee/UFOGaming

Learn more about UFO:

UFO Gaming ($UFO) is a fully decentralized gaming platform bridging traditional games onto the blockchain and giving players the ability to earn while playing. Blockchain. P2E. Metaverse. Virtual land. NFT. Gaming.



UFO Gaming

UFO Gaming ($UFO) is a fully decentralized inter-galactic social gaming token. Website: https://www.ufogaming.io/ | Telegram: https://t.me/ufotokenofficial