#5 UFO Gaming Fortnightly

#5 Fortnightly — Video Format — Watch until the end 🎉


This Fortnightly update will focus on:

  • 🎉 Staking dApp Launch Party
  • Plasma Point Update
  • Rating System Update
  • Super Galactic Demo
  • Three New Genesis NFTs
  • Apex Legends Global Series — ALGS Pro League


NEO Polaris Launchpad

Plasma Points Update

Rating System Update

Concept: Power Table of robot parts, guns and modules — Character power rating

  1. Provides the player with a simple tool to evaluate the gameplay state of the character
  2. Grant access to mission difficulties
  3. The character should have at least “X” character power OR “X” reputation to breed.
  1. It decreases over time if the character is not involved in missions.

Super Galactic Demo

Are you prepared to earn UAP while having fun playing games?

1/2 The Five New Genesis NFTs

In total there are 10 Genesis NFTs. Below, we will unveil three of the remaining versions.

  1. Electro Class: The Lumina Soldier & The Zutrori Soldier
  2. Fire Class: The Incendius Soldier & (TBA NEXT WEEK)
  3. Laser Class: The Zegoc Soldier & The Voxis Soldier
  4. Toxic Class: The Veilinos Soldier & The Vivius Soldier
  5. Physical Class: The Myronox Soldier & (TBA NEXT WEEK)

☝️1/2 Electro Class — The Zutrori Soldier

☝️1/2 Laser Class — The Voxis Soldier

☝️1/2 Toxic Class — The Vivius Soldier

2/2 The Five Previous Genesis NFTs

To tidy up the Genesis NFTs for our community, we’ll gather everyone in one document.

☝️2/2 Fire Class — The Incendius Soldier

Born in flames, the Incendius Soldier is a droid that you don’t want to enrage.

☝️2/2 Laser Class — The Zegoc Soldier

A lone tale as ancient as the Realm of Super Galactic’s first piers, the armored Zegoc prowls the dark seas off the shore.

☝️2/2 Physical Class — The Myronox Soldier

Myronox is a principled soldier and master of Super Galactic’s ancient martial arts. A true disciple of The Myriad Soldier and UFoger himself, he utilizes his pure physical force to overcome any obstacle.

☝️2/2 Electro Class — The Lumina Soldier

Lightning, thunder. Lumina is not shy of lousy weather.

☝️2/2 Toxic Class — The Veilinos Soldier

The Veilinos Soldier is a deadly droid capable of inflicting poisons on any opponent, leaving them gasping for air.

Apex Legends Global Series — ALGS Pro League

The EMEA competitions remained paused because of the emerging crisis in Ukraine.

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UFO Gaming ($UFO) is a fully decentralized gaming platform bridging traditional games onto the blockchain and giving players the ability to earn while playing. Blockchain. P2E. Metaverse. Virtual land. NFT. Gaming.



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