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11 min readMar 18, 2022

Mar. 18th, 2022 — Metaverse Event, Staking DAPP, Plasma Point Updates, & Genesis NFTs

It is time for our fifth Fortnightly update, giving you more insight to our development progress and announcing some exciting news.

Last week’s Fortnightly gave our community some insight to our two new hires — a business analyst and a game economist who will ensure a healthy tokenomic model. We had the pleasure of announcing the completion of our staking dapp, and a complete rework of our landing website. If you want to learn more about these previous discussions, please read here👇

#4 UFO Gaming Fortnightly. Mar. 4th, 2022 — New Hires, Staking… | by UFO Gaming | Feb, 2022 | Medium

#5 Fortnightly — Video Format — Watch until the end 🎉


This Fortnightly update will focus on:

  • 🎉 Staking dApp Launch Party
  • Plasma Point Update
  • Rating System Update
  • Super Galactic Demo
  • Three New Genesis NFTs
  • Apex Legends Global Series — ALGS Pro League


We are very excited to announce that we will celebrate the launch of our staking dapp with a launch party, hosted in a very special location — our Dark Metaverse.

We will conclude the launch party with the reveal and launch of the long-awaited UFO Gaming staking dapp where you will be able to UFO and Plasma rewards. Please see your official launch party invitation below:

The Metaverse launch party will give you the chance to meet and talk to the team behind UFO Gaming including Ace, Predator, our CTO Eric as well as key members of our community.

Further details of the event will be shared on our Twitter and Telegram announcement page, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled as you don’t want to miss this!

Note: this will be a very early demo-version to showcase our Dark Metaverse without the plugged in web 3.0 integration just yet.

⚫️See you in the Metaverse, UFOARMY⚫️

NEO Polaris Launchpad

In collaboration with NEO, our team member and Co-founder, Ace, shared his thoughts about the future potential of Metaverse and NFTs together with engineers and founders of GhostMarket, Humswap, Rentfuse, and Skyhut on the NEO Polaris panel. You can check that out here:

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNkPVCwGwYU&feature=youtu.be

Plasma Points Update

We made a minor adjustment to the Plasma Point contracts. Instead of being immobile and untransferable, plasma points will now be readily transferable.

Why are we taking this course of action?

We discovered that a significant number of individuals love staking from several wallets. By permitting the transfer of Plasma Points, we give users the flexibility to choose.

Rating System Update

Concept: Power Table of robot parts, guns and modules — Character power rating

The rating system has also had a small overhaul; instead of having only one rating that tunes your UAP earnings, there will be two types of rating: Character power rating and Reputation rating.

This will keep the value of your NFT if you decide to stop playing. The Character Power Rating will remain unchanged no matter what. However, your Reputation Rating, which tunes your UAP reward, will increase or decrease depending on if you play.

This is meant to motivate active players, rewarding activity with our P2E model while keeping the gameplay fun for casual players.

Bear in mind that any sample number shown here is subject to change.

Character power (or development rating) equals the sum of powers of every skill, gun, upgrade, genetic part etc.

  1. Provides the player with a simple tool to evaluate the gameplay state of the character
  2. Grant access to mission difficulties
  3. The character should have at least “X” character power OR “X” reputation to breed.

“X” value will be calculated during character-related features development.

Reputation (battle rating) will increase mission rewards for character

  1. It decreases over time if the character is not involved in missions.

a. Reputation decrease depends on character generation.

2. All reputation gains or losses can happen once in 24 hours (with UAP gain)

a. A character gains 10 reputations if it completes at least 1 mission in 24 hours

3. Reputation cannot drop below 0

4. Reputation has no maximum cap

5. A character should have at least X character power OR 50 reputation to breed

a. X value will be calculated during character-related features development

6. A character with any reputation can go to any mission it can afford due to power rating

7. Reputation defines UAP rewards at the end of the day.

Lots of information to soak in?

Don’t worry. We will include all of this information in our Super Galactic Gitbook pre-release.

Super Galactic Demo

Are you prepared to earn UAP while having fun playing games?

As Super Galactic is edging closer week by week, we will ramp up the content fresh from our game developers.

Super Galactic will inaugurate the UFO Gaming platform in several ways, as it’s the first phase in a long journey ahead to house endless P2E games for our community.

By creating exciting P2E genres, we will help to grow the Play-To-Earn and Game-Fi space.

In the sneak peek you will find:

👉 New Genesis Soldiers in the Super galactic game

👉 Connect Wallet Login Screen

👉 Character Selection

👉 Planet Selection

👉 Mission and Brief Selection

We are looking forward to seeing everyone online!

1/2 The Five New Genesis NFTs

In total there are 10 Genesis NFTs. Below, we will unveil three of the remaining versions.

The breakdown is as follows:

  1. Electro Class: The Lumina Soldier & The Zutrori Soldier
  2. Fire Class: The Incendius Soldier & (TBA NEXT WEEK)
  3. Laser Class: The Zegoc Soldier & The Voxis Soldier
  4. Toxic Class: The Veilinos Soldier & The Vivius Soldier
  5. Physical Class: The Myronox Soldier & (TBA NEXT WEEK)

In total, there are 10 Genesis NFTs, 5 classes, and each NFT can evolve from level 1 to level 4. The looks, skills, and character ratings of the new Genesis NFTs will change according to their level (1–4).

☝️1/2 Electro Class — The Zutrori Soldier

The Zutrori Soldier is the second Electro class. Zutrori, is unquestionably the standout of the bunch. The Zutrori Soldier is an NFT with a lot of aspirations. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the most powerful creatures in the galaxy; she’ll know what to do if you cross him.

The wild and untamed region denizens known as the Super Galactic realm quickly grew enamored with this strange, electrified, and oily robot. She is said to be able to fight mystic creatures and bosses by herself, using her electric cannons to penetrate their impenetrable skin. The Zutrori Soldier will come and put you to everlasting rest, the devils’ mutter between themselves in the Super Galactic domain.

☝️1/2 Laser Class — The Voxis Soldier

The Second Laser Class — The Voxis Soldier

Camouflaged and ready, the Voxis Soldier is hard to beat in a fight.

Voxis’ evolutionary journey was drawing to a close. She achieved complete self-sufficiency when he resolved to carry out his original objective independently of his creator, UFoger, and Dophrax.

Inspired from the first generation Genesis NFTs, Voxis is a more potent version, embedded with strong abilities, such as a laser.

Many have claimed that despite her continuous efforts to assist and preserve the UAP world, the machine-soldier has started to augment her own form.

With her Laser abilities she disintegrates demons in only a moment.

☝️1/2 Toxic Class — The Vivius Soldier

The Second Toxic Class — The Vivius Soldier

Most of the other Genesis NFTs, with the exception of Incendius and Vivius, have a sense of emotion towards biological life. Vivius simply does not care.

With zero emotion, he spews toxic venom all around him, hoping to obliterate demons in the most painful manner.

When you meet Vivius on the battlefield, remember to bring a gas mask…

2/2 The Five Previous Genesis NFTs

To tidy up the Genesis NFTs for our community, we’ll gather everyone in one document.

☝️2/2 Fire Class — The Incendius Soldier

Born in flames, the Incendius Soldier is a droid that you don’t want to enrage.

This enraged robot of fire and wrath roams the Super Galactic world, engulfing any surrounding enemy in his flames. This second-generation Soldier is known by everyone as Incendius the dreadful.

UFoger and the first-generation were desperate to create a droid suitable to kill whatever stood in their way. However, they did not consider him to mistake them as his foes. You see, Incendius really did not care who he hurt. He only wanted victory. It did not matter who he won against. All that matters is that he is triumphant. Incendius lashed out with exploding flames, cursing his old master and every other living creature that stood in his way of triumph. UFoger and the Myriad Soldier narrowly escaped with their life.

Incendius has led an anarchic life for ages since that day, stealing and never returning anything to the Super Galactic realm, or his creators. He sometimes streaks over the skies like a blazing fire. He lays low and charges at other times, waiting for the distinct sight of demons to guide him to another triumph… Only a few people in Super Galactic can rival his force.

☝️2/2 Laser Class — The Zegoc Soldier

A lone tale as ancient as the Realm of Super Galactic’s first piers, the armored Zegoc prowls the dark seas off the shore.

Driven by unforgivable treachery, she attacks without warning with an instant laser beam to save the destitute and pull the greedy to their demise.

She is compelled to seek out those who disregard his warfare methods, dragging them under with him — a stark warning that no one can escape the depths.

Although it is unknown if The Zegoc Soldier was the first person with Laser power to appear on Super Galactic, there has undoubtedly never been anyone with his degree of vicious, calculated sentience.

While UFoger created his brethren to oppose evil, the battle has absorbed Zegoc, transforming her into a more reactionary force, intent on scrutinizing and studying the physical realm — and the weird, warlike people who inhabit it — for any flaw the Darkness may exploit.

Zegoc, is far from a passive spectator, retaliating against threats with lethal plasma or by altering the very fabric of the Super Galactic.

☝️2/2 Physical Class — The Myronox Soldier

Myronox is a principled soldier and master of Super Galactic’s ancient martial arts. A true disciple of The Myriad Soldier and UFoger himself, he utilizes his pure physical force to overcome any obstacle.

He has dedicated his life to defending Super Galactic against anyone who would disturb its divine balance with his fellow soldiers. Those who overlook his contemplative calm will contend with his legendary fiery fists.

Myronox is more than a simple robot; he is a receptacle for the primitive Super Galactic animal spirits’ unrestrained power. With elements and traits such as fire, electro, and toxic already engaging in battle, UFoger felt the need for pure brute strength.

He had no choice but to ask the Myriad Soldier for help to train Myronox. After all, you never can get enough of brute force in open warfare with an onslaught of demons.

Myronox can summon unfathomable speed, resilience, and savage fury by harnessing bestial natures. Strong as a bear, quick as a tiger, and sly as a fox. Myronox’s united force will thwart all those who would disrupt the world’s natural order.

He’s an unadorned robot with a plain mission; Beat all of his enemies to a pulp, and smile at them while you’re at it.

☝️2/2 Electro Class — The Lumina Soldier

Lightning, thunder. Lumina is not shy of lousy weather.

After helping the first generation and UFoger defending the world from the second invasion, Lumina had grown weary of the Super Galactic world, and all the fighting.

Super Galactic, a chaotic world undergoing continual upheaval, was a harsh place for a droid like Lumina. He journeyed in search of peace and balance. He traveled huge distances, exploring the world with great interest. However, he was always lured back to Super Galactic.

Lumina had learned through his travels that conflict is unavoidable. However, he is hopeful of finally putting an end to it. He had observed long-forgotten ancient conflicts and a nation fighting to recover in their wreckage. Lumina developed an interest in those who sought balance for themselves and their planet. He respected their dedicated defenders, despite their vulnerability.

Despite fighting the second wave of invasion, there were dangers to Super Galactic’s peacefulness. Malevolent demons wandered the realm with sinister intentions.

Lumina and Veilinos fought these demons for years, relishing the excitement each one offered, but in the end, they realized they were doing nothing to address the root cause of the invasions. Together with the other Genesis NFTs, Lumina seeks to stop evil from spreading.

☝️2/2 Toxic Class — The Veilinos Soldier

The Veilinos Soldier is a deadly droid capable of inflicting poisons on any opponent, leaving them gasping for air.

Veilinos’s past is unknown. All we know is that he has an immense infatuation with the Lumina soldier and his electric power.

Apex Legends Global Series — ALGS Pro League

The EMEA competitions remained paused because of the emerging crisis in Ukraine.

However, the ALGS will resume on March 23rd and we will be competing for 6 days straight as they’re condensing the season before playoffs.

As soon as the playoffs resume, we will provide an update.

When the EMEA playoffs continue we’re looking forward to seeing ZeroNothingg, G2Mimu, and Ruabbe bring the heat.🔥

📆 Schedule: Apex Legends Competitive Gaming Events Calendar — EA Official Site

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