#6 Genesis NFT — The Yliad Soldier

A Visual Representation of the Genesis UFOep NFTs


Yliad is a vicious warrior who was one of UFoger’s first robots to be deployed. He may be old, but he still has a few tricks up his sleeve that the younger generation cannot duplicate. Few people remember his past conquests or comprehend the extent of his power, but some elderly souls know, and they fear the day when he comes to battle in the Super Galactic realm.

The UFOep’s fierce confidence is represented by Yliad, a brash and arrogant robot. Many claims that Yliad has participated in every UFoger war, won every military title, and never surrendered in a fight. Though the truth of the affair is often questioned, one element of Yliad’s mythology stays constant: he fights to protect what is his.

As a veteran, Yliad is revered among the UFOeps as a national hero.

He has served in countless wars and battled alongside UFoger himself.

GIF of The Yliad Soldier

Unique Genesis NFTs

The Genesis NFTs are not out yet.

They will be obtainable in our upcoming staking DAPP.

  • Scarce
  • NFTs that integrates the element of time
  • Needed to participate in the early P2E economy
  • Needed to fuse new NFTs
  • There will be nine Genesis NFT visual representations.
  • There will be 10,000 minted versions of the UFOeps in total when all the plasma points have been farmed.
  • NFTs with use-case — Dynamic, upgradable, and time-based.

Want to learn more about our UFOeps and the time-based rating system?


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