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Apr. 1st, 2022 — NEO Polaris, Staking Teaser, Product Phases, Genesis NFTs, ALGS and Metaverse Event

🛸 The last two weeks has prompted quite a few updates. And there are more to come — April will be a packed month for UFO Gaming.

Take on your reading glasses and prepare for an extensive spring!

The previous Fortnightly #5 revealed our staking dApp launch party that will be hosted in our very own Dark Metaverse. Hours before the dApp is released, the UFO Army will receive an invite link, giving you exclusive access to a dimension packed with UFO easter eggs, the team members, and perhaps some giveaway surprises. 🛸

We also highlighted a Plasma Point update, allowing transactions with the third token in our ecosystem, a rating system update, and showcased the Super Galactic Alpha. Sounds interesting?

Check it out here. 👇

#5 UFO Gaming Fortnightly. Mar. 18th, 2022 — Metaverse Event… | by UFO Gaming | Mar, 2022 | Medium

#6 Fortnightly In Video Format

Without further ado, let us dive into previous happenings and new updates.


This Fortnightly will focus on:

  • Staking dApp — Teaser, Updates, Product Phases

→ Staking dApp Update

→ Why is staking so important?

→ Super Galactic & Roadmap update

  • Alpha Testing Super Galactic
  • Ramping Up The Marketing
  • Metaverse Event
  • Two New Genesis NFTs

→ Genesis Dance 🤖 The Myronox Soldier & Incendius Soldier

  • NEO Polaris Highlight
  • ALGS EMEA — Split 2 Resumed

Staking dApp — Teaser, Updates Product Phases

While we work to ensure a flawless encounter, we invite you to sit back, relax, enjoy the teaser, and ready your UFO.

Why should you stake $UFO when the time comes?

• Multiple incentives with a single deposit.

• Accumulate rewards of UFO and Plasma

• The first phase before the game’s release.

• Accumulate Plasma Points, mint Genesis NFTs, and participate in Super Galactic.

In our Gitbook, we will give guidelines and explanations for staking.

Staking dApp Update

On the version of the staking dapp we finalized and had audited last month, users could only stake with quarterly lock periods; however upon review and final testing we realized that it would give our community a much better experience if they had the choice to stake in fortnightly increments instead so we decided to make this change in the contracts.

Additionally, we took this time to implement some upgraded features to our pools before the launch; one of which included the creation of a beacon for all pools, meaning that all 52 pools can be updated all together rather than needing them to be updated individually in case they need to be tweaked in future; if we didn’t implement these proxy-based contracts and a bug was found while the contracts were live, it would be almost impossible to apply fixes to each of the 52 pools individually. Whereas now all pools can be automatically updated seamlessly. Lastly, we made some further tweaks to reduce the gas fees when depositing and withdrawing on the staking dapp.

We’re perfectionists that value quality and want to ensure we provide our users a superior experience. The changes above resulted in more than 30% alteration to the original contracts, meaning that we had to get an entirely new audit which due to current high demand, has longer lead times than usual. Due to the changes above, lead times for re-audits, combined with the fact that a major part of our development team was in Ukraine during the war and needed to relocate their families caused a delay in the dapp launch and metaverse party which we’ll be announcing imminently.

Why is staking so important?

Staking is the first phase before our first game release and subsequent phases:

👉 Game Client is ready for gameplay and will be released as a limited demo for the community.

👉 Phase 1 Genesis Staking of the Staking DAPP. This includes the Dual-Staking program, with one deposit — multiple rewards (earn UFO & Plasma Points).

👉 Completely rebranded UFO Gaming website.

👉 Our NFT project “UFOGEES” will be mintable, and users can stake them to earn an egg and join a giveaway.

👉 Beta version of our debut game to finetune bugs.

👉 Phase 2 Minting phase of Genesis NFTs begins.

👉 Phase 3 Marketplace for UFO Gaming NFT’s launched.

👉 UAP (Two-token system) LBP launched.

👉 Official game launch breeding contracts/UI are opened to start the breeding process. This is a major milestone as Super Galactic is the first of several P2E systems in our Metaverse, represented by planets (with Virtual Land NFTs).

👉 Virtual Lands launched. Each game we release will represent a Planet. Each Planet will be split into different rarity pieces of Virtual Land (Less Common, Common, Common Rare, Rare, Eternal Land).

To answer your queries: Staking when? Staking VERY soon.

Roadmap update & Super Galactic

The client of Super Galactic is indeed ready but tweaks and bug fixes are the current priority. Developing a game, numerous dApps, and a world-class ecosystem takes time. Due diligence, several audits, adding security measures, and conducting bug testing are time-intensive but necessary to meet the expectations of our community.

Therefore we are being realistic and moving everything from Expansion Phase in the roadmap to BLACKHOLE PHASE (2022).

Our game developers are working overtime to give you a flawless experience.

Alpha Testing Super Galactic

🎉 We are excited to announce that we will be conducting a 3-day campaign to release Alpha Testing for Super Galactic.

Winners will also be eligible for a giveaway. Only 1,000 users will be able to participate in this Alpha phase.

The campaign information will be released tomorrow.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Twitter and Telegram announcements.

Ramping Up The Marketing

As we are preparing to launch some of our products, we have begun to prepare a marketing campaign that will shine a spotlight on our staking dApp and Super Galactic across the crypto- and gaming market.

👀 You know what we are capable of doing.

Metaverse Event

The Metaverse launch party will provide an opportunity for you to meet and speak with members of the UFO Gaming team.

Additional information about the event will be provided on our Twitter and Telegram announcement pages, so keep a lookout. You don’t want to miss it!

Note: this will be a very early sample version showcasing our Dark Metaverse without the fully integrated web 3.0 functionality.

The Two Final Genesis NFTs

☝️1/2 Fire Class — The Speytri Soldier

1/2 Fire Class — The Speytri Soldier

The Second Fire Class — The Speytri Soldier

The fiery volcanoes of the Super Galactic world are no match for the Speytri Soldier. What was once the reason for his defeat is now his greatest power.

Speytri’s first meeting with the Super Galactic demons was nothing short of a nightmare. Drowned in the pits of lava, his destiny was thought to be sealed.

But he survived.

The only reason Speytri was able to survive his first mission was due to his sheer resolve and perseverance in the face of the Super Galactic devils’ volcanic weapons. Magma that previously brought him to his knees is now flowing freely through him as he progresses in the game. However, the impact he felt was long-lasting.

Because of his background, he has become a cold-blooded shooter.

☝️1/2 Physical Class — The Valan Soldier

The Second Physical Class — The Valan Soldier

Tough as a tank, the Valan soldier beats demons strapped with a punch.

Valan has looked up to his brother his whole life. Every step he took, he was right behind, following his journey. As a result, his abilities are almost identical to Myronox.

Much like his brother, the Myronox Soldier, he may conjure unfathomable speed, resilience, and primal anger by channeling bestial natures. As tough as a bear, as swift as a tiger, and as cunning as a fox. Valan’s unified army will stop all those who want to destroy the natural order of the Super Galactic realm.

Unified by the forces of nature, Valan packs a serious punch.

Genesis Dance 🤖 The Incendius Soldier

We really can not present our beloved Genesis NFTs without adding a dash of UFO Gaming dance. 👽🖖

While the new second generation Genesis NFTs have been unveiled, we will also be releasing a dance sequence for each of the 10 in true UFO fashion.

NEO Polaris Highlight

One of the founders of UFO Gaming, Ace talked at the NEO Polaris Launchpad together with other guest speakers. They discussed the future of the Metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, and what it takes for true mass adoption of this space.

As the original video is 2 hours long, we made a highlight video of Ace’s talking points. Watch here 👇


ALGS resumed on March 23rd, and to catch up with the other regions, they competed for 6 days straight as they were condensing the season before playoffs.


HRZNUFO Top 5 — Day 3

Horizon (HRZNUFO) started the weekly EMEA bonanza strong. Halfway through day 3 of #ALGS sitting in Top 5.

👇Need a summary of some of the games?

Three First ALGS EMEA Rounds — HRZNUFO

Learn more about UFO:

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