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7 min readApr 15, 2022

Apr. 15th, 2022 — Staking Last Tweaks, Dark Metaverse Event, Alpha Test Winners, Genesis NFTs, Bitcoin Miami

🛸 #UFOARMY, your patience is finally about to pay off.

The previous Fortnightly #6 discussed the importance of our staking dApp and its relation to the consecutive product releases.

We also prompted a roadmap update to reach our extensive and ambitious goals realistically.

And with each product release, we are ramping up the marketing.

In addition, we really can not present our beloved Genesis NFTs without adding a dash of UFO Gaming dance — That is why all ten of the Genesis NFTs will be revealed showing off their moves. 👽🖖

Sound interesting? Check it out here. 👇

#6 UFO Gaming Fortnightly. Apr. 1st, 2022 — NEO Polaris, Staking… | by UFO Gaming | Apr, 2022 | Medium

🎉 We are excited to soon unveil the official Staking release date as well as the Metaverse event.


  • Staking Last Tweaks
  • Metaverse Event & Teaser
  • Alpha Test Winners
  • Bitcoin Miami 2022
  • Genesis NFT dance🤖

→ The Zegoc Soldier, Lumina Soldier and Veilinos Soldier

Staking dApp Last Tweaks



We are very close to the official unveiling of our Staking dApp…

The changes we aforementioned in the last update have been implemented. One audit is complete with positive feedback, the second audit is due in a couple of days, and the third re-audit will take a few weeks but we will release the staking dapp based on the first two audits as the feedback has been satisfactory. In other words, we are closing in #UFOARMY.

In addition to earning Plasma Points, users will earn UFO rewards with our dual-staking mechanism. The UFO Gaming staking dApp will essentially function as a liquidity black hole.

You might be wondering, where are the UFO tokens coming from that will be to paid out as rewards, well over the months we’ve been accruing a significant percentage of the supply of UFO tokens through community donations, ecosystem partners as well as team members buying up large amounts. We’ll now be combining all of these tokens and putting them up as rewards for those that use our staking dapp as our way of giving back to our loyal UFO community, bolstering our liquidity significantly and ensuring that the dapp pays out a high APR and has a strong use-case. We’ve also added a mechanism allowing us to add more UFO to the rewards pool in future, giving us the ability to keep the APR high for anyone that stakes their UFO.

Users who single-stake $UFO tokens or UFO-ETH LP tokens will simultaneously earn Plasma Points and UFO tokens. For UFO rewards, there will be a 12-month emission. However, the token emission on the DAPP will not cause any inflation simply because it is already circulating.

Choose between $UFO single-staking and LP staking — LP Staking’s pool has 75% of the total rewards — Lock duration determines weight rewards — Choose between 1–52 weeks — The longer the lock, the more APY.

Staking Details

  • Single-staking $UFO gives you $UFO and Plasma Point rewards (lower weight of the rewards).
  • Staking UFO-ETH LP tokens gives you UFO and Plasma Point Rewards (higher weight of the rewards).
  • Choose between “No Lock” or “Locked” staking. Locked staking gives more rewards.
  • No lock = 1x rewards (unstake at any time).
  • Locked for 0–52 weeks = 1–2x rewards.
  • You can unstake at any time if you choose “No Lock/Flexible Staking.”
  • You’ll continue to get rewards until you unstake your position.
  • There will be a separate claim button for Plasma Points and UFO rewards.
  • When you press “unstake”, your entire stake will be withdrawn.

Plasma Points

  • Plasma Points will be claimable and distributed right away.
  • When you “claim” Plasma Point rewards, they will be unlocked after pushing the “claim” button.

UFO Rewards

  • UFO Rewards will have a vesting schedule of 12 months.
  • When you “claim” UFO rewards, they will be unlocked 12 months after pushing the “claim” button.
  • The second you press claim, the release of the rewards will come 12 months later. If you claim today, you’ll receive the current reward batch 18.04.2022, if you still stake and press the claim button in 1 week you’ll get the rewards accrued for that week 12 months later 18.04.2023, and so on.

Metaverse Event & Teaser


The teaser showcases the very beginning of our Dark Metaverse and the event that the UFOARMY will be joining on “🤫” of April, before the release of the staking dApp — assuming the last tweaks go smooth.

On the 🤫th of April 10:00–12:00 EST, prepare to join the Dark Metaverse.

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Team AMAs
  • Keynote by ACE
  • Streamer Takeover
  • Staking dApp LAUNCH
  • Location: ⚫️The Dark Metaverse⚫️

⚫️See you in the Metaverse, UFOARMY⚫️

Alpha Test Winners

Last week we held a 5-day campaign to let 1000 users test a limited version of our debut game, Super Galactic.

However, we increased the number of alpha testers to 1200. Among these 1200 initial users, 20 lucky winners received $50 each.

Alpha Testing — How to participate & Giveaway Winners | by UFO Gaming | Apr, 2022 | Medium

We are happy to say that the Alpha Testing is going to be happening from the 25th of April until the beginning of May for these 1200 alpha testers.

The alpha test aims to exclude initial glitches/bugs and other mistakes that testers might find. Keep in mind we are releasing a VERY limited version of Super Galactic without blockchain integration. Why? To fine-tune and better the experience for the upcoming official release.

Alpha Testers will be able to test two characters, two weapons, and a few abilities.

We hope you enjoy playing! And remember, if you are one of the lucky 1200 alpha testers, submit any bugs you may find in our ticketing system.

Bitcoin Miami 2022

Last week, members of our team including Ace attended BTC Miami. We met with members of our community, venture funds, strategic partners and established projects that we believe will lead to future collaboration with UFO and bring value to our ecosystem. We’re excited to announce some of these partnerships in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

These conferences are crucial to connecting and networking with established projects, individuals, and companies.

The UFO Gaming team held some exciting conversations, and needless to say, we will be busy with Zoom and Google Meets these coming weeks. 🛸

To see the vast amount of experienced speakers, take a look here:

Genesis NFT dance🤖

Without a sprinkle of UFO Gaming dancing, we really cannot showcase our beloved Genesis NFTs. While we have introduced the new second-generation Genesis NFTs, we will also be releasing a dance sequence for each of the ten in true UFO flair.

The Zegoc Soldier

Read more about the Zegoc Soldier 👇

The Lumina Soldier

Read more about the Zegoc Soldier 👇

The Veilinos Soldier

Read more about the Zegoc Soldier 👇

Learn more about UFO:

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