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5 min readMay 13, 2022

Last week’s Fortnightly mainly focused on the release of the Super Galactic Alpha test, giving the UFO Army a limited version of Super Galactic, aimed towards improving the official release.

This week we discuss the staking dapp, NFT Marketplace, and the Alpha Test process so far, introducing the first set of patch notes and client update.

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  • Staking Dapp — Release Date
  • Super Galactic Alpha — Android, Client Update, and Patch Notes
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Esports ALGS — EMEA

Staking Dapp — Release Date

We are incredibly excited to announce an official release date for the staking dapp.

On the 25th of May, the staking dapp will be open for deposit.

This also means that ⚫️The Dark Metaverse⚫️ will open on 25-May-2022

The staking dapp will give the #UFOARMY the possibility to earn dual-rewards, while contributing to the UFO Gaming ecosystem.

As explained previously, the amount of rewards increases the longer you lock your stake.

Let’s refresh our memories of why the staking dapp is such a big deal for the UFO Gaming ecosystem👇

Staking Details

Choose between $UFO single-staking and LP staking — LP Staking’s pool has 75% of the total rewards — Lock duration determines weight rewards — Choose between 1–52 weeks — The longer the lock, the higher the APY.

  • Single-staking $UFO gives you $UFO and Plasma Point rewards (lower weight of the rewards).
  • Staking UFO-ETH LP tokens gives you UFO and Plasma Point Rewards (higher weight of the rewards).
  • Choose between “No Lock” or “Locked” staking. Locked staking gives more rewards.
  • No lock = 1x rewards (unstake at any time).
  • Locked for 0–52 weeks = 1–2x rewards.
  • You can unstake at any time if you choose “No Lock/Flexible Staking.”
  • You’ll continue to get rewards until you unstake your position.
  • There will be a separate claim button for Plasma Points and UFO rewards.
  • When you press “unstake”, your entire stake will be withdrawn.

Plasma Points

  • Plasma Points will be claimable and distributed right away.
  • When you “claim” Plasma Point rewards, they will be unlocked after pushing the “claim” button.

UFO Rewards

  • UFO Rewards will have a vesting schedule of 12 months.
  • When you “claim” UFO rewards, they will be unlocked 12 months after pushing the “claim” button.
  • The second you press claim, the release of the rewards will come 12 months later. If you claim today, you’ll receive the current reward batch 18.04.2022, if you still stake and press the claim button in 1 week you’ll get the rewards accrued for that week 12 months later 18.04.2023, and so on.

Don’t forget; the Dark Metaverse Launch Party is set to happen on the same day as the staking launch.

Super Galactic Alpha — Android Build, Client Update, and Patch Notes

The UFO Gaming team is proud to see the positive response from the community enjoying our Alpha version of the game and creating content.

We love seeing community-posted videos! Take a look at the talented Dazed. 👇


Android Build

We’re also excited to announce that the Android version will be available very soon, our engineers are currently making the final touches and will be sending out the APK file for download when they’re ready.

Patch Notes & Client Upgrade

Your ticket submissions matter! Several upgrades have been released to the new game client.

  • Objective icons were added to the minimap and in-game objects.
  • New buildings for objectives.
  • Player spawn location added to minimap in mission selection.
  • VFX was added to some objects.
  • Fixed Reload/Melee issue: If you have 0 ammo, you will reload if you keep holding the LMB gun. If you let it go, the character will automatically hit melee.

Game Server Fixes:

  • Server 400 error fixed (had to restart the game if it happened).
  • Server 500 error fixed.
  • Hostage now receives damage on all planets.
  • Login errors.
  • Fix: Right amount of objectives in mission selection.
  • Graphic optimization.

Download the new client with all of its updates here:


NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace will be a vast portal, giving users access to UFO Gaming assets (NFTs, Virtual Land, Collectibles, Avatars). Users can trade assets with eachother, breed NFTs, and unlock their own personal profile all in one place.

The Marketplace is phase 3 of our first set of product releases.

Firstly, the Dual-Staking program with UFO- and Plasma rewards, minting of Genesis NFTs and beta test will arrive.

But that does not stop us from giving the #UFOARMY some sneak peeks 👀.

Esports ALGS — EMEA

The newest member of our eSports team HRZNUFO has just arrived. Please welcome Liphnn — https://twitter.com/Liphnn1

Last weekend HorizonUFO competed for last chance qualifiers and placed 4th. Better luck next time guys. 💪

Learn more about UFO:

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