Alpha Test — Patch Notes & Client Upgrade

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4 min readMay 6, 2022

06.05.2022 — The first patch notes for Super Galactic

Two weeks have passed since we released the Super Galactic Alpha Test, and the feedback has been amazing. A big thank you to the 1,200 alpha testers.

It is time for the first collection of patch notes and game client upgrades.

Alpha Test users, please download the new game client here.

When there are notable updates to the game client, we will gather them all in an article like this, providing players that have submitted tickets a confirmative nod that their bug and glitch submissions have been read and understood.

Patch Notes & Game Client Update

Your ticket submissions matter! Several upgrades have been released to the new game client.

  • Objective icons were added to the minimap and in-game objects.
  • New buildings for objectives.
  • Player spawn location added to minimap in mission selection.
  • VFX was added to some objects.
  • Fixed Reload/Melee issue: If you have 0 ammo, you will reload if you keep holding the LMB gun. If you let it go, the character will automatically hit melee.

Game Server Fixes:

  • Server 400 error fixed (had to restart the game if it happened).
  • Server 500 error fixed.
  • Hostage now receives damage on all planets.
  • Login errors.
  • Fix: Right amount of objectives in mission selection.
  • Graphic optimization.

Download the new client with all of its updates here:

You will need to update the game client through a new URL when we patch. This process will be automated with our own installer for the beta version.

To keep your files tidy, delete the previous Super Galactic files when installing the new one.

Android Build

The first alpha test version has only been available with Windows so far.

The Android version will be released soon, our developers are performing last optimizations. We will provide a downloadable APK file.

Bug Test

Thank you for your suggestion and bug reports. We appreciate every submission of bugs, errors, and glitches. Every submission ultimately results in a better release of the official game. We have received quite a bit of tickets — not all will be responded to, but every single one will be read and taken into consideration.


🎉 Great job to the top players!

⋅ Fix: The Leaderboard now showcases the actual top players in the correct order.

The leaderboard will be utilized for fun competitions in the future.

Stay tuned!

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