Closed Beta Application, Giveaway & Super Galactic Patch 1.1.5 Notes

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2 min readMay 14, 2024


New Closed Beta Applications, Giveaway, Feedback, and Patch Notes

Giveaway & New Beta Applications

Exciting news! We’re opening up 10 new slots in our closed beta. Participants not only get to join the Super Galactic adventure but also stand a chance to win in total $500 worth of UFO tokens!

How to Apply

Go to the Form/Application👇

The 10 winners will earn $50 each, in total $500. Winners will receive further instructions via email, including steps to download the game and log in with their MetaMask wallet on Polygon’s Amoy Testnet.

Be one of the 10 new players to explore and shape the future of Super Galactic. 🚀🎮

Stay tuned, keep providing feedback, and thank you for being an essential part of our community’s journey in the cosmos.

Patch Notes Update for Closed Beta Players

Bugs Fixed

  1. Air Walking: Resolved an issue causing characters to appear as if walking on air.
  2. Map and Walking in the Clouds Glitches: Fixed similar glitches that also gave the impression of characters walking in the clouds.

Feedback-Driven Game Improvements (Upcoming):

  1. UAP Earned Timestamp: Planning to add a timestamp feature to UAP (Universal Achievement Points) earnings.
  2. Building Protection Quest: We are enhancing visibility and mechanics. Players won’t need to stay in the protective circle, but straying too far lets enemies destroy the objective.
  3. Loading Screen Enhancements: Improving visuals and information displayed during game loading phases.

New Feature Release for Closed Beta Players

Each closed beta participant has been credited with 1000 plasma points for enhanced testing:

  • Mint One Genesis NFT: Use your plasma points to mint an NFT from the marketplace.
  • Play and Earn UAP: Engage in gameplay with your new NFT and earn UAP.
  • Upgrade Character: Use your UAP to upgrade your character’s capabilities.
  • Claim UAP: Utilize the marketplace’s claim function to secure your earned UAP.

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