Electro Class — The Lumina Soldier

Highlighting the ten 2nd Generation NFTs — One of the two Electro classes in Super Galactic

🛸 #UFOARMY, you will soon see The Lumina Soldier in all his glory inside of Super Galactic. The Second Generation Genesis NFTs will be obtainable with Plasma Points. You can farm Plasma Points in our very close-to-release staking dapp! 👽🖖

🤖 The Lumina Soldier

Lightning, thunder. Lumina is not shy about lousy weather.

After helping the first generation and UFoger defending the world from the second invasion, Lumina had grown weary of the Super Galactic world, and all the fighting.

Super Galactic, a chaotic world undergoing continual upheaval, was a harsh place for a droid like Lumina. He journeyed in search of peace and balance. He traveled huge distances, exploring the world with great interest. However, he was always lured back to Super Galactic.

Lumina had learned through his travels that conflict is unavoidable. However, he is hopeful of finally putting an end to it. He had observed long-forgotten ancient conflicts and a nation fighting to recover in their wreckage. Lumina developed an interest in those who sought balance for themselves and their planet. He respected their dedicated defenders, despite their vulnerability.

Despite fighting the second wave of invasion, there were dangers to Super Galactic’s peacefulness. Malevolent demons wandered the realm with sinister intentions.

Lumina and Veilinos fought these demons for years, relishing the excitement each one offered, but in the end, they realized they were doing nothing to address the root cause of the invasions. Together with the other Genesis NFTs, Lumina seeks to stop evil from spreading.

Genesis NFT summary

  • There will be 10 unique representations of the Genesis NFTs.
  • Each of these new models has four-level upgrades.
  • Scarce: Only 10,000 will be minted.
  • However, by breeding two Genesis NFTs, the amount of Alpha- and Beta NFTs will exponentially increase.
  • You can use two Genesis NFTs to breed a new one.
  • You need Plasma Points to mint Genesis NFTs.
  • Genesis NFTs are needed to play our debut game, Super Galactic.
  • One NFT can breed up to 7 times.
  • Unique use-case. The element of time, NFTs, and a complex rating system all work together to make the innovative Super Galactic P2E model.
  • Note: Our newly hired game economist is in deep research around every single interaction between UAP, Genesis-, Alpha, and Beta NFTs, Plasma Points, the cost of item upgrades, the rating system, etc. Because of this, changes might occur with different numbers to adjust the breeding inflation to better the user experience overall. We are happy to say the Super Galactic client is ready, but tweaks and bug fixes are the current priority.

Second Generation Genesis NFTs

In total, there are 10 Genesis NFTs, 5 classes, and each NFT can evolve from level 1 to level 4. The looks, skills, and character ratings of the new Genesis NFTs will change according to their level (1–4).

The breakdown of classes is as follows:

  1. Electro Class: The Lumina Soldier & The Zutrori Soldier
  2. Fire Class: The Incendius Soldier & The Speytri Soldier
  3. Laser Class: The Zegoc Soldier & The Voxis Soldier
  4. Toxic Class: The Veilinos Soldier & The Vivius Soldier
  5. Physical Class: The Myronox Soldier & The Valan Soldier

Classes are determined from the different body parts of your NFTs. This means that an Alpha- or Beta breed might be a hybrid class. We will neatly gather all of these tips & tricks in our Gitbook before the game release.

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