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4 min readOct 29, 2021

UFO Gaming is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Kadena, the only scalable layer 1 Proof of Work (PoW) blockchain.

Kadena’s founders built a proprietary multi-chain architecture providing the security of Bitcoin, virtually free gas (transaction fees), unparalleled throughput, as well as Pact — the most secure smart contract language with built-in automated auditing.

This makes Kadena the ideal layer 1 protocol to build UFO Gaming metaverse gaming platform.

Why Kadena?

In addition to the above, four features made building upon Kadena’s blockchain the obvious path forward for our project: unlimited scalability, wallet interaction, game changing NFT features, and gas station.

1- Unlimited scalability

Launched in November 2019, Kadena’s public blockchain, Chainweb, is the only sharded and scalable layer-1 PoW network in production today. Chainweb’s PoW consensus mechanism improves throughput and scalability while maintaining the security and integrity found in Bitcoin. To achieve this breakthrough in scalability, Kadena braids together multiple Bitcoin-like chains.

In August 2020, Kadena’s public blockchain performed a live network expansion from 10 chains to 20 chains. Doubling the available TPS, the expansion proved the platform’s ability to scale in production to meet ever-higher demand. Kadena’s multi-chain architecture ensures that a throughput ceiling will never be reached.

Not having to worry about throughput was a key selling point for us since UFO Gaming dynamic NFT system needs to perform tens of thousands transactions daily to update our players’ NFT ratings and attributes. In addition, a scalable throughput is required to fully operate our forthcoming ecosystem, the Dark Metaverse, which will contain countless NFTs, Virtual land, and games. With Kadena we will never have to worry about scalability.

2- Wallet interaction

Most Layer 1 and 2 blockchains are direct copies of Ethereum. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the EVM compatibility is present, but it reduces innovation opportunities. One of the hurdles that are present is the Web 3.0 interface connection. If you want to play a game on the blockchain, a certain connection via Metamask and Trustwallet is required. A downside to this? The initial barrier to playing a game is too great for true mainstream adoption. With Kadena’s wallet integrations, it is possible to integrate a similar system that you can see with traditional games. Log into the website with a simple password, use an app with face-id or fingerprint confirmation without having to transfer funds repeatedly between wallets. In a P2E environment.

3- Game changing NFT features

With Kadena, it will be possible to code into the back-end of an NFT directly. This expands the potential use-cases of NFTs. For a company focused on gaming, blockchain, and NFTs, we will be able to integrate mechanisms directly into the NFTs without even connecting them to the game server. Game changing!

4- Gas station

While Kadena offers marginal transaction fees they have gone a step further in introducing the first crypto gas station allowing dApps like UFO Gaming to eliminate all transaction fees for their customers, thus removing another key barrier to mass gaming adoption.

UFO Gaming X Kadena

UFO Gaming seeks to bridge traditional gaming and blockchain. Part of that aim is to make blockchain gaming a mainstream market. In order to do so, we need a layer 1 blockchain that allows innovation and simplicity for our users. Kadena will be important to grant easy onboarding to our games.

Our partnership has been strengthened by our commitment to launch one of our immediate games on Kadena; Allowing us to utilize some of their unique features straight into our ecosystem.

This game will utilize some of the new NFT functions that Kadena allows, such as coding royalties into the NFT themselves, allowing the first buyer to determine the percentage of royalties they will receive as the NFT is resold.

The new wallet interactions will make every gaming experience smooth, even on mobile. Instead of using a third-party wallet like Metamask or Trustwallet to connect to Web 3, we can give direct access to users without the need of a wallet. This will remove many hurdles for users who have zero experience with using Web 3.0 interfaces, as they will have direct access to the game by downloading an app or browser without even connecting a wallet.

The gas stations that Kadena provides directly correlate with the wallet interaction, allowing us to make every dApp interaction in our ecosystem gas-free for our users, giving an authentic gaming experience in the blockchain.

Special Projects

With the development power of the Kadena team and its scalability for multichain interactions, UFO Gaming will also be working hand in hand to deliver a P2E platform that allows a simple and seamless experience for the Dark Metaverse that goes beyond a single game or chain.

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