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2 min readJul 28, 2022

In celebration of the Staking dApp release and Metaverse party, we will have a special Easter Egg hunt in the Metaverse. Find a hidden model of UFoger inside of the Metaverse, and win up to $50 per person!

Conditions: Users must use the same Avatar name as the telegram, so when they find the egg, we can quality check that it’s you finding the egg and not just using someone else screenshot. This will prevent cheating.

Easter egg reward $50 per person x 10 winners = $500 prize pool

  1. Start date: 29.07.2022 10:00am EST
  2. End date: 29.07.2022 12:00pm EST

The Easter Egg hunt entails contestants finding UFoger within the Dark Metaverse.

How to Join:

Once you have found the Easter Egg, take a screenshot with your name showing.

  • Tweet the picture with your name showing
  • Add hashtag #UFOHUNT, and $UFO
  • Tag @theufotoken Twitter profile

Fill out the Google form details:


  1. Name
  2. Telegram ID
  3. Twitter ID
  4. Add Tweet (Must use #UFOMETAVERSE and $UFO. Add screenshot as proof)
  5. Add USDT TRC20 Wallet address

The winners will be announced by Monday 1st of August.

Learn more about UFO:

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