Super Galactic Closed Beta: Patch 1.1.6

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3 min readMay 21, 2024


Leaderboard update, Marketplace, and Patch Notes

Welcome to the latest update for the Super Galactic Closed Beta, Patch 1.1.6.

This update is unique as it primarily addresses enhancements to the marketplace, following your feedback. No game defects were reported this patch, allowing us to concentrate on refining your marketplace experience.

NFT Marketplace for Closed Beta Testers

Since our last development patch notes, we have identified a couple of defects related to the UFO Gaming marketplace, specifically with the tooltip not displaying information and a login issue via wallet. For the login issue, please follow these steps: clear your cache, close and reopen your browser, and unlock your wallet before logging into

Then, try to log in again.

We are pleased to inform you that the marketplace has undergone a comprehensive UI and design revamp, making it significantly different from the production marketplace (Testnet). While we are aware of minor issues, the primary feature of the marketplace in the closed beta phase is the mint function and the ability to claim UAP tokens; Testing Mint, Claim UAP, not the marketplace itself. However, that will change down the line.

During the closed beta, we ask that you report any game-related defects. Additionally, we will be selecting 10 community members to test the new marketplace version once the testnet is released.

Thank you for your continued support, #UFORAMY.🎮

Leaderboard Update

New Leaderboard with more advanced hierarchy

In the upcoming updates, players can expect a more refined leaderboard experience, making it even more fun to reach for the top.

Instead of only logging a simple score, the leaderboard will include UAP Earned, Missions Completed, Multiplayer Matches Won, Top NFT Rating and Highest Difficulty Level Unlocked.

However, the main ranking of the leaderboard is determined by the UAP Earned.

Column Descriptions

  • Rank: Player’s rank on the leaderboard based on Total UAP Earned and other criteria.
  • Player: Player’s username + Avatar.
  • UAP Earned: Total UAP tokens earned by the player.
  • Missions Completed: Number of missions completed by the player.
  • Multiplayer Matches Won: Number of multiplayer matches (PvP or TDM) the player has won.
  • Top NFT Rating: Rating of the top NFT character owned by the player.
  • Highest Difficulty Level Unlocked: The highest mission difficulty level the player has unlocked based on their top NFT rating.
Old Leaderboard with a simple score hierarchy

The old leaderboard included a simple score mechanism.

The new leaderboard will display key performance metrics for players and their Genesis NFT characters, focusing on their earnings and accomplishments within the game.

Reminder: Giveaway & New Beta Applications

Reminder that there’s one week left of the $500 UFO Giveaway!

We’re opening up 10 new slots in our closed beta. Participants not only get to join the Super Galactic adventure but also stand a chance to win in total $500 worth of UFO tokens.

How to Apply

Go to the Form/Application👇

The 10 winners will earn $50 each, in total $500. Winners will receive further instructions via email, including steps to download the game and log in with their MetaMask wallet on Polygon’s Amoy Testnet.

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