Super Galactic Closed Beta: Patch 1.1.7

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2 min readMay 28, 2024


TDM Dev Fight, Improvements & Giveaway

Welcome to the latest update for the Super Galactic Closed Beta, Patch 1.1.7.

Since last week, no new defects have been reported.

However, we received feedback requesting improvements to the settings check marks when users click on them. This issue has been resolved and the fix has been deployed.

Feedback Improvement: Setting Check Marks

We received a request to make the setting check mark clearer and easier to see. The check mark has been made slightly larger and more distinct for better visibility.

Mission Rewards Update

A question was raised regarding mission completion and the reward system for incomplete objectives.

Current Gameplay: Users receive the full reward amount (e.g., 100 UAP per mission) even if they do not complete all four objectives.

New Release: Starting today, rewards will be based on the number of objectives completed. If a mission has four objectives and the user fails to complete one, the user will receive 75 UAP out of 100 UAP. For example, if the user completes one out of four objectives and the total reward is 100 UAP, the user will gain 25 UAP. This new system ensures rewards are proportional to mission completion.

Upcoming Event: TDM Match

Join us for an epic TDM Match on Thursday at 10 AM EST, where the Dev team will face off against Closed Beta players.

Show up and join the party live on the main chat TG voice channel.

Reminder; Last week of the $500 UFO Giveaway!

We’re opening up 10 new slots in our closed beta.

Participants not only get to join the Super Galactic adventure but also stand a chance to win in total $500 worth of UFO tokens.

How to Apply

Go to the Form/Application👇

The 10 winners will earn $50 each, in total $500. Winners will receive further instructions via email, including steps to download the game and log in with their MetaMask wallet on Polygon’s Amoy Testnet.

Thank you for your continued feedback and support!

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