Super Galactic Closed Beta: Patch 1.1.9

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4 min readJun 12, 2024


Body Part UI, Leaderboard UI, Weapon Rarity & Giveaway

Welcome to the latest update for the Super Galactic Closed Beta, Patch 1.1.9. Moving forward, updates will arrive on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays.

This week, we’re focusing on quality of life updates, UI enhancements, and testing the new weapon rarity system.

We have received some defect reports that were raised over the weekend. Further analysis is needed, and we are currently working on reproducing these defects so we can implement a fix. In the future, when reporting a defect, please provide the following information: whether you are using a browser or desktop, your region, and the server you are using (EU or US).

New UI for Body Part Upgrades Modal

A new and improved user interface for body part upgrades will be delivered in this patch. The goal is to make the whole process more intuitive for our players, giving you a complete overview of when an upgrade has occurred and how much UAP you need to spend.

Improved Leaderboard UI

The leaderboard UI has been enhanced and styled correctly. Previously, a difference in numbers between each line would cause the UI to blur some of the numbers together.

However, our designers have ensured a more consistent look.

Prepare to climb the ranks for a chance at the giveaway at the end of the month!

Weapons with Varying Rarity

We will release weapons with varying rarity, which can be used and played in the closed beta. The rarity of the weapons will affect their damage output and stats.

This means that your weapons can range from White (common), Green (uncommon), Blue (rare), to Purple (epic), with increased baseline and maximum stats depending on the rarity.

Enjoy the new rarity system in-game, players!

Closed Beta Giveaway Winners 🎉

Congrats to our new Closed Beta players. Check your email for instructions if you won.

Missed out? No worries, we’ve got another exciting giveaway in two parts. 🎉

1. Join our Closed Beta 🎮

10 new lucky players will be selected to take part as Super Galactic players.

Apply here 👇

2. Climb the Ranks for $ 💰

For our current Closed Beta players, reach the top 3 on the leaderboard by the end of June and win $50 in UFO tokens each.

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