Super Galactic Closed Beta: Patch 1.1

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2 min readApr 16, 2024


Feedback, updates, and patch notes

First and foremost, thank you for enjoying Super Galactic and for your suggestions, feedback, and bug reports.

We appreciate every bug, error, and glitch submission, which ultimately results in a better official game release.

We have received quite a few tickets—not all will be responded to, but every single one will be read and considered.

Super Galactic Closed Beta: First Patch Notes and Updates

Because of all your valuable feedback, we’re soon rolling out the first set of updates and fixes to enhance your gaming experience. The client update will occur in a few days time. As a player, this is what you can expect:

1. Enhanced Visuals: Implemented a blind status post-processing effect in the browser for a more immersive experience.

2. AI Pathfinding Improvements: Addressed issues with AI pathfinding; payload and hostage quests no longer get stuck, ensuring smoother mission completions.

3. AI Targeting Logic: AI characters now refrain from targeting players mid-jump, enhancing gameplay realism.

4. Quest Durability: Increased HP for payload and hostage quests to balance challenge and playability.

5. Crisp Quest Icons: Updated quest icons to be sharper and clearer, making them easier to identify during gameplay.

6. Protect Building Quest Enhancements:
* Extended completion time to 30 seconds for added challenge.
* Increased HP for better quest durability.
* Improved enemy tactics to surround the building more effectively.

7. Network Transition: Switched to Amoy Testnet for the PC version to improve network stability and performance.

8. PC Login Fix: Resolved issues with PC build login, ensuring smoother access for all players.

Based on your feedback, we’re committed to continuously refining Super Galactic.

Keep the insights coming, and let’s make Super Galactic a fantastic Web 3.0 experience, together! 🚀🎮

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