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The Super Galactic Closed Beta is finally here! Let’s break down what players can expect from the second officially released version of Super Galactic.

Welcome to the Super Galactic Closed Beta

We have some exciting updates and instructions for the lucky chosen among you as we embark on this interstellar journey together.

The initial testing will be conducted via the browser version, while the following versions will include both mobile and a standalone client build👇

Browser Link:

Discord Link:

Marketplace Link:

Chat with your fellow Beta testers on Discord!

The steps to play are simple:

1. Download the game or play on the browser version
2. Connect the whitelisted wallet you provided in the Closed Beta application form (only available for the 20 chosen players in the beginning).
3. Make sure your wallet is connected to Mumbai Testnet. Add the Polygon Mumbai Network at this link:

If you still can’t connect to Mumbai Network, please add this as your RPC URL:

Go to Settings → Network → Add Manual:

Fill in the following details:

Upcoming NFT Verification
In the upcoming week, we’ll be rolling out an important patch update aimed at testing our full NFT minting, upgrade, and verification process. Here’s what to expect:

1. NFT Minting Test: Initially, you won’t need to mint any NFTs to play. Enjoy exploring the game with your whitelisted address. We’re doing this to ensure everyone gets a smooth start.

2. Patch Update Notification: In the upcoming week, we’ll notify you when the patch update is ready. This update is crucial for testing the game’s mint function, demonstrating the necessity of holding and minting an NFT for in-game use.

3. Transition Phase: After applying the patch, the game’s whitelist status will be removed. This means that to access and continue playing Super Galactic, you’ll need to visit the marketplace and mint your NFT with testnet Plasma Points, which will be sent directly to your provided Mumbai Testnet address.

4. Marketplace Visit: If you haven’t accessed the marketplace by this point, you’ll be prompted with a message guiding you there. It’s an essential step to secure your continued participation in the beta.

5. Final Test Phase: With the whitelist removed, the game will undergo another test phase focusing on NFT verifications. Holding an NFT becomes a prerequisite for gameplay, aligning with our vision for a comprehensive play-to-earn model.

We’re implementing these phases to closely simulate the complete user experience and fine-tune NFTs’ integration within Super Galactic. Your participation and feedback in this process are invaluable as we aim to create an immersive and rewarding gaming ecosystem.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Your role as a beta tester is pivotal in shaping the future of Super Galactic, and we can’t wait to see you in action. Stay tuned for further instructions and updates!

How To Report Issues/Add Feedback

  1. Once you’re logged in, press the three lines to the right corner.

2. Press “Report Issue”.

3. Give feedback and improve the game!

Let’s continue by looking at two (of numerous) aspects you’ll encounter.

The Tutorial and the multiplayer interface.

The tutorial is simple so that even rookie players can understand what to do.

Tutorial — Become a Super Galactic rookie!

Step 1: Mission Control will first encounter you and explain the basic movements and their purpose.

Steps 2 and 3: Learn how to shoot and use abilities. Simply press your left mouse button to use your weapon and your Q, E, or Shift button for your abilities.

Step 4: Use your abilities to finish a simple objective.

Step 5: Survive the ambush of multiple enemies. Use everything you’ve learned so far.

Step 6: After defeating the enemies, locate your combat-rewards, and loot them by walking across.

Step 7: Defeat the final boss, a huge robot with numerous rockets. There are no limits; use everything you’ve learned so far.


Looks simple, right? These are only the basic mechanics and movements of the game, and it doesn’t include the various maps, difficulties, PVP, and blockchain integration. There’s a lot more to learn, even for the self-proclaimed advanced player. 👽🖖 🛸

Multiplayer Interface — Become a PVP Legend

Say goodbye to the simple Game Tag ID for the PVP matchups.

We’ve developed a comprehensive social system complete with a friends list and matchmaking lobby. These changes are important in fostering community and ensuring that Super GAlactic isn’t just a game you play but a universe you live in.

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