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2 min readJun 25, 2024


Get ready to experience our freshly revamped Marketplace.

In the coming weeks, we’ll unveil some of its latest features, new design, and capabilities as we gear up for the Super Galactic Open Beta.

One of those new features; Mystery Lootboxes.

Why Weapons Matter

Weapons are the cornerstone for your Genesis NFT, essential for engaging in the game. Your journey begins by purchasing a lootbox, your gateway to a variety of powerful weapons. Each weapon boasts distinct damage types like Fire, Electric, Toxic, and Quantum, offering strategic advantages in battle.

What’s Inside a Lootbox?

🔹 A mix of melee and ranged weapons with unique damage types
🔹 Upgradable weapons from level 1 to 6, depending on rarity
🔹 Purchasable for WETH, unlocking items from Common to Epic

What Will You Discover?

✨ Essential weapons for gameplay
✨ Rarities from Common to Epic, each offering unique capabilities
✨ Mysterious perks that can turn the tide of battle (excluding Common rarity)
✨ Upgradeable weapons to power up your arsenal
✨ Diverse damage types, including Kinetic, Fire, Electric, Toxic, and Quantum

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