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12 min readAug 26, 2022


We are excited to launch the 15th episode in our new UFO Monthly format.

The entire UFO Gaming team has been hard at work building out our products and ecosystem, acquiring new talent and partnerships, and working on some exciting future plans and upcoming events, which we’ll be sharing with our community in time.

The “UFO Monthly” community update summarizes the past month’s events. We will keep you constantly informed on our overarching progress and plans that are set in motion.

As UFO Gaming’s adventure has only just begun, we are making commendable efforts to ensure sustained progress and community satisfaction.

Video format with Ace:

Article Content 👇

  1. Staking dApp Live & Statistics
  2. Hacken Audit — Showcase the website release on hacken.io
  3. Partnerships (Neo)
  4. UFOGEES — Website, Twitter, Discord, plans, and a summary of releases
  5. Successful Metaverse Event
  6. Metaverse Easter Egg Hunt
  7. Super Galactic

→ 1. Web 3.0 Integration: Wallet Connection on Super Galactic (Alpha Players can use their whitelisted wallet).

→ 2. PVP SG future gameplay modes

→ 3. New main menu screen — The Star Map

→ 4. New Enemy Characters!

→ 5. Browser Mode!

8. Community Q & A

1. Staking dApp Live & Statistics

The long-awaited Staking dApp went live on the 29th of July, 2022, and what a day of celebration that was, especially for those of you who joined us for the Metaverse launch party.

And so far, the reception has been incredible. There’s not much else to do than thank the #UFOARMY for your massive support.

We have officially reached over 1 trillion UFO tokens staked and locked up!

To visualize that number; 1,000,000,000,000 $UFO tokens are diligently staked in our dApp.

Remember, the earlier you stake, the more Genesis NFTs you’ll be able to mint!

2. Hacken Audit — Website release on hacken.io & Summary

A week before the staking dApp went live, we showcased the Hacken audit to our community.

Hacken.io has presented our audit on their website, but if you don’t feel like browsing their website, we have provided a summary below.

We are happy to showcase the Hacken audit of our Staking Dapp. The entire version can now be found at https://hacken.io/

The severity of issues can be described with four definitions: Critical, High, Medium, and Low.

We are proud to say that our contracts have no critical or High issues. From the Medium and Low issue, they are defined as semantic issues, which are resolved by tweaking the style of code, not its functions.

Executive Summary

The score measurement details can be found in the corresponding section of the methodology. Our community can review this when Hacken releases the audit on their website: https://hacken.io within a month’s time.

Documentation quality

The Customer provided functional requirements and technical requirements as comments in the code.

The total Documentation Quality score is 10 out of 10.

Architecture quality

The architecture quality score is 10 out of 10. Code reusability could be improved. Security score As a result of the audit, security engineers found only 1 low severity issues. The security score is 10 out of 10. All found issues are displayed in the “Findings” section.

Summary: According to the assessment, the Customer’s smart contract scored 9.5.

Checked Items

The pictures below showcase that Hacken has audited our provided smart contracts for commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities. Here are some of the items that are considered:

The proper security measures have been taken. With no Critical, High, or Medium issues, a total documentation quality score of 10 out of 10, a security score of 10 out of 10, and a final score of 9.5 out of 10, we finally concluded to release the staking dApp to our beloved community.

Summary score

Documentation score

Security score

The low severity issue that was found is of a semantic nature, only highlighting potential “grammatical” and “style” changes to the code. However, it is important to note that every developer has their own unique set of code styles.

3. Neo Partnership

Two weeks ago, we proudly announced a strategic partnership with Neo — an open-source, community-driven blockchain platform. UFO Gaming is the third company in 2022 to join the Neo Global Development EcoBoost program.

NGD established the EcoBoost program to build out a network of partners who can support Neo-based projects across the project lifecycle and dedicated $200 million to support this program.

Learn more below 👇

👇 Neo’s Tweet:


👇 Neo’s Article:


👇 UFO Gaming Article


👇 UFO Gaming Tweet


4. UFOGEES — Website, Twitter, Discord, plans, a summary of releases


Updated lore, new website, fresh Twitter page, and a massively improved utility section.

UFOGEES are ready to take the NFT spotlight from the crypto world.

The UFOGEES will have a range of utilities that will be accessible from the mint day.

Staking, breeding, Plasma Point rewards, game utility, and a massive giveaway to holders of UFOGEES.



Explore the most enticing, upcoming space-themed NFT collection.


👽Unique, interactive lore, a multitude of utilities, and staking.

Remember to follow the official UFOGEES Twitter for updates https://twitter.com/UFOGEESNFT

And the Discord for community participation


We will be releasing a full overview of the new utilities, along with some sneak peeks.

Stay tuned!

5. Successful Metaverse Event

The Metaverse Event was a huge success, with thousands of unique login IDs spread out across 10 different space-themed UFO Gaming dimensions.

Participants had the opportunity to meet and speak with members of the UFO Gaming team.

The event ended with the reveal and launch of the awaited UFO Gaming staking dapp where you can earn UFO and Plasma rewards.

#UFOARMY, your support has been unmatched during this release.

The UFO Metaverse Login

We will soon release a new video showcasing the event itself. In the meantime, you can enjoy the previous one. ☝️

6. 🥚 Metaverse Easter Egg Hunt 🥚

In celebration of the Staking dApp release and Metaverse party, we had a special Easter Egg hunt in the Metaverse.

If you follow our Telegram and Twitter, you might have seen that the ten winners who discovered UFoger have been officially selected at random, and shipped their rewards.

🎉Congratulations to the 10 winners.

Twitter profiles:

1️⃣ alexjdennis, 2️⃣ Patrick02623013, 3️⃣ florioshi, 4️⃣ CryptomicB0mb, 5️⃣ UppGra, 6️⃣ 576f726c6421, 7️⃣ Alejand7092756, 8️⃣ ekimdagr8, 9️⃣AmadoGildson, 🔟Holdology

🛑Reminder, STAY SAFE: We will not DM you asking for anything. The prize will be automatically sent. Any DM’s should be verified. Please beware of scammers.

7. Super Galactic Updates

→ 1. Web 3.0 Integration: Wallet Connection on Super Galactic

We have some great news for the 1,565 Super Galactic: Alpha Players!

We are releasing the Web 3.0 connectivity for Super Galactic in a few weeks’ time.

This means that you will be able to seamlessly log in to the game by only using your whitelisted wallet.

The process is very simple:

How to connect your wallet to the game and start playing in 10 seconds?

Step 1 — Start the Super Galactic game

Step 2 Open your MetaMask on your mobile device

Step 3 Change network to Matic Mainnet

Step 4 Scan your QR code using your metamask

Step 5 Click on connect on your MetaMask to connect to the app

Step 6 Click on the Login button

Step 7 Click on the Sign button

Step 8 Successfully logged in to the game. Start playing

However, this process will become even simpler as we soon reveal our Super Galactic browser mode.

→ 2.PVP SG future gameplay modes

We are planning the release of new game modes such as deathmatch, battlefield as well as arena. These modes will provide new competitive opportunities and challenges for players.

Currently, you’re able to jump into our PVP duel mode, in which you may battle anybody who is randomly queued or with a friend.

→ 3. New main menu screen — The Star Map

The Star Map will be one of the primary in-game hubs for future SG players. As players will spend time perusing the weapons and gears in the armory and NFTs in the crew section, we believe it is essential that the user interfaces be both intuitive and visually appealing.

Star Map intricacies: -The main menu will be a single scene with the same camera view as the gameplay. -The ship will be built out of rooms containing different interactable objects. -The player can zoom in/out of the camera position but can’t change the orientation.

As Super Galactic is the first game of many on the UFO Gaming platform and ecosystem, we pay close attention to each and every aspect. We are learning from other P2E games’ mistakes and are confident that Super Galactic will be the next evolution of #Gamify and #P2EGames

As a community-owned project, the #UFOARMY is also playing an essential part in this. The continuous support tickets sent by the 1,565 current players are beneficial in the pursuit of making SG’s debut a top P2E game.

We highly appreciate the support.

→ 4. New Enemy Characters!

Alpha players!

Please meet our new set of enemy characters.

Small details like this are continuously made to ensure that all enemies’ quality and aesthetics are at the same level.

  1. Blaster Chaser,
  2. Spear Chaser
  3. Bomberman
  4. Fireman
  5. Xenos Melee
  6. Xenos Range

In addition, we’ll release a patch note that includes a bunch of defect fixes, along with the Web 3.0 connectivity for the 1,565 alpha testers.

→ 5. Browser Mode!

We are currently implementing a browser mode for Super Galactic!

This means that anyone from any computer can log in; whether you are using a Mac or Windows, iPhone or tablet.

This will be a huge step towards making Super Galactic mainstream when the full release arrives.

8. Community Q & A

#1 Question by crypto_pharo

Answer: You can already make UFO transactions on the Polygon network. $UFO is fully bridgeable- and transferable on the Polygon Mainnet.

The addresses below highlight the native UFO token and the liquidity of UNIV2 tokens.

UFO Token Polygon address:


UNIV2 Tokens Polygon address:


UFO Token Ethereum address:


UNIV2 Tokens Ethereum address:


However, if you are referring to adding liquidity to Quickswap, this is not something we are rushing to do at the moment, as you can find UFO on MEXC, KuCoin, Gate, Uniswap, and more.

#2 Question by Yusuf Khan

Answer: There has already been a 50% burn of the $UFO tokens by the deployer:


At UFO Gaming’s inception, the deployer initiated the burn to showcase the true meaning of fair launch.

However, $UFO is deflationary; there will never be another $UFO token created — and when breeding starts, a portion of the cost will be diverted and sent to a burn address, making $UFO exponentially more deflationary.

#3 Question by Yifei5888

Answer: Thank you for notifying us. Any bugs can be reported on the support section of our game, Super Galactic. If there are any more bug/glitch inquiries, please submit them there, and the support team will diligently look into them.

As for the Binance question, please refer to the answer below.

#4 Question by ARMRC2022

Answer: ANY news will only arrive from official channels. You can keep an eye on our Telegram, Discord, Medium, YouTube, and Twitter channels for updates such as exchange listings.

#5 Question by 1cryptocartel

Answer: Super Galactic will be available with certainty on Windows computers, browsers, and Android phones. We are, however, highly considering iOS as well.

#6 Question by Vishal891396255

Answer: Thank you for your support, Vishal. We will continue to strive toward the lofty objectives that UFO Gaming has always pursued. Every P2E player will eventually hear about UFO Gaming, as we strive to become the “primary hub.”

#7 Question by Cathal_Lyncher

Answer: Any statistic regarding the staking dApp is fully viewable on the website itself. You can see for yourself at https://staking.ufogaming.io/

Currently, over 1 trillion $UFO is staked, and locked up.

#8 Question by beethovensth9

Answer: We truly do appreciate the support, Beethovens.

#9 Question by AvihooK

Answer: Any player who wants to play Super Galactic will need to own a Genesis NFT and a primary NFT weapon. However, we will consider this feedback as thanks to the help, and continuous support Alpha players have provided!

A collection-type NFT is not off the table ;)

#10 Question by Proxy_90

Answer: Virtual land is also under development. As for the currency, you will have to keep an eye on our announcement page and Gitbook. We will provide any information and details necessary before it’s launched.

#11 Question by UppGra

Answer: Good feedback, Uppgray. Maybe, maybe not; you’ll have to see once the Beta version is released.🤫

#12 Question by Favour848

Answer: More partnerships are a certainty. We are constantly building with established partners, in addition to talking to new ones.

Any partnership or exchange listing will be announced on our official social media.

#13 Question by DigidusPrime

Answer: It depends on which NFT you are inquiring about.

Most likely, the price will be 1,000 Plasma Points per Genesis NFT.

Virtual Land: TBA


Alpha, and Beta UFOeps (breeding two Genesis NFTs): cost TBA (flexible due to the nature of P2E), but it will be the cost of UFO and UAP.

#14 Question by ShakyCryptoKnee

Answer: Glad you enjoyed the Metaverse! We will update you once we have developed it further, and are ready to open it indefinitely.

#15 Question by meta_P2E_Gaming

Answer: Thank you for the support!

Learn more about UFO:

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