UFO Monthly #16

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1. 🎮 Super Galactic: Closed Beta Campaign

👽🖖🏻The UFO Gaming Gleam Campaign. This will be an Exclusive bi-weekly campaign to randomly choose closed-beta players.

  • 🏆 If you get selected, you will receive an email from the official UFO Gaming email address, allowing you to download the application and log in using MetaMask wallet. UFO Gaming will provide more details about the process before the Closed Beta goes live!
  • You will be able to log in with your very own Wallet address from MetaMask.
  • ⚠️ Prompted with a throwaway warning message? Just add a profile picture to your Twitter account, and it will get fixed.

2. Super Galactic: Patch Note & Game Updates

New Cosmos background main menu UI screen

Character and armory stats

  1. Health: Your character health value
  2. Energy: Your characters energy points
  3. Shield: Your character shield points
  4. Shield Regen: Shield Regeneration (percentage per second)
  5. Critical Chance: Increases the chance of a critical attack
  6. Critical Damage: Increases the chance of a critical attack damage
  7. Power: Increases your ability’s power
  8. Duration: Increases your abilities duration
  9. Range: Increases your abilities range
  10. Efficiency: Increases your abilities and efficiency

Defective inbound repairs

  1. HP bars problem
  2. make building in Protect quest impossible to destroy by the Player
  3. Change drop items to new ones
  4. Destroy Building quest, destroyed animation Looped (check all)
  5. Drop can be picked up if the character is full
  6. Payload: quest cannot finish even if the payload reaches the final destination
  7. Incorrect payload behavior
  8. Grenade abilities: incorrect impact behavior
  9. Can move buildings with the “Thunderwave” skill
  10. Some building hitboxes issues
  11. Laser beam: incorrect behavior
  12. Grenade abilities: no missile in animation
  13. Wrong abilities combinations
  14. Players are getting stuck outside the wall
  15. Fade out only when the gameplay scene is fully ready — When you start a single-player mission screen, the client fades out before the character is spawned. The player should immediately see the character after the fadeout.

3. NFT Marketplace

4. Neo AMA Transcript Highlights & Podcast

  • How did UFO Gaming launch?
  • What sets you apart?
  • How strong is your community, and what role do they play in building the ecosystem?
  • What’s special about Super Galactic?

5. Community Q & A

  • Origin UFOep
  • Alpha UFOep (made by breeding two Origin UFOep’s)
  • Beta UFOep (made by breeding Alpha UFOep’s)

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