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10 min readNov 30, 2022


The eighteenth issue of UFO Monthly is ready for your perusal.

This month, we have a pleasant treat in store for the members of our community who are eager for the Metaverse: the gateway to the Alpha version of the Dark Metaverse opens up…

Additionally, we have some news on the closed beta, whitepaper, and roadmap update.

Last but not least, the monthly highlight question and answer session for the community.

Article Content 👇

1. Dark Metaverse Early Access LIVE

  • Dark Metaverse replaces the UFO Monthly

2. Super Galactic: Closed Beta

3. Whitepaper and Roadmap Update

4. Community Q & A

1. Dark Metaverse Early Access LIVE

We are extremely excited to announce that we will allow our community early access to the Alpha version of the Dark Metaverse in two days!

As an initial note, this is a very early iteration of a vast system that will be integrated across our NFT Marketplace, games, and UFO Gaming as a platform. However, the end goal will take time.

We will open up the V1 version of the Dark Metaverse on the 2nd of December for anybody to jump in and explore while we are working on the V2 version of the Metaverse.

Here’s the official link:


Dark Metaverse replaces the UFO Monthly

The early version of our Dark Metaverse is available to you and other community members, friends, and team members. We will host fun, engaging events and Q&As.

This will temporarily replace the UFO Monthly videos and articles, as team members will be able to jump in and virtually explain to community members what we are working on. Of course, updates will, as usual, come through our Telegram announcement channel and official Twitter.

Instead of the UFO Monthly video format, our community will participate in gatherings and Q&A sessions in the Metaverse. The first gathering will occur at the launch of the Metaverse.

So far, we have provided you with full-length articles and videos of UFO Monthly, which provide an overview of developments, a synopsis of the previous month, and future actionable. Fear not, because it will return, but with the advent of the Dark Metaverse, we see no better way to utilize it than to provide updates to our community inside the virtual world itself.

2. Super Galactic: Closed Beta

In the first round of testing the game, the 1,565 players who participated in Super Galactic: Alpha was given the opportunity to play through the game in its most basic form.

The objective was to gain a general sense of what needs to be changed, which has been a rather straightforward process thanks to the assistance and improvement requests submitted by the community.

The game client, the micro- and macro-mechanics of the gameplay, player vs. player and player versus environment modes, and other aspects of the game were the primary focuses of Phase 1.

However, both the closed and open beta versions will have a link to Web 3.0. This will provide players the opportunity to evaluate the game’s more authentic features, including its inclusion of blockchain technology.

We are closing to allowing the first 20 players into the closed beta of Super Galactic. We will provide bulk access to around twenty persons during the course of each campaign cycle.

In the same manner, in which we ran the Alpha campaign, we will run the limited Beta access. However, only players who are committed to the game will be able to participate in the Closed Beta Campaign. As a result, we will deny participation to anybody who has not been online for around two weeks.

This is done so that people who have been inactive may be rotated in with newer, more active players.

Through a Gleam campaign, we will provide access to the closed beta to a total of twenty individuals before we open it up to the general public. However, we will persistently run campaign rounds in order to make the Closed Beta accessible to an ever-increasing number of players via the use of dynamic campaigns.

👽 Number of Closed-Beta Players: 20 per campaign round

👩🏼‍💻 Device: Any Web browser, Windows Computer, and Android Mobile

Keep an eye out for more information.

3. Whitepaper update and roadmap

The 2.0 version of the UFO Gaming Whitepaper is currently under development. After completion and quality control, it will be made available to the public. Follow our Twitter and Telegram accounts for updates.

The revised Whitepaper and Roadmap will provide a comprehensive overview of our future ambitions and upgraded ecosystem structures.
The roadmap’s stages will be completed between 2022 and 2024. Certain product releases are essential prerequisites for others.

The following milestones (and more…) will be considered under the revised road map:

Growth Phase (completed)

  • Litepaper Release
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Partnership Reveal
  • Tier 1 Centralized Exchange

Blackhole Phase

  • Tier 1 Centralized Exchange
  • Growth-Focused Marketing
  • Staking (LIVE)

Early Access to the Alpha Dark Metaverse

→ Non-Web 3.0 version

Intergalactic Phase

Growth-Focused Marketing

NFT Marketplace

NFT Minting:

  • Genesis
  • Melee- and Ranged Weapons


  • Create an Account
  • Auction & Fixed Price Listing
  • Breeding
  • Claim UAP (In-Game Token)
  • Rent (Earn by renting out your NFT)
  • Mothership (Launchpad)
  • Dashboard (analytics)

→In-Game NFT Assets

  • First Generation Genesis Collection
  • UFOGER Collection
  • UFOPredator Collection

UFOGEES Collection

  • Utility: Airdrops, early Access, VIP Areas, Whitelists, Epic Title, Alpha Group, Staking, Bonus Earnings,
  • Giveaway with Open-Beta of Super Galactic (Tesla, Alienware Computer, and Physical NFTs)

→ Smart Contract Audit

Super Galactic Game & P2E system

  • Complete revamp of Super Galactic
  • Updated Body Part Components
  • New Playable NFTs (second generation Genesis)
  • New Ally & Enemy Models
  • PVP & Looting System
  • Quality of Life- & UI Improvements
  • Revamped P2E- & Rating System
  • Revamped- and Remodelled New Weapons
  • Web 3.0 Wallet Connection
  • Mumbai Testnet NFTs Displayed In-Game
  • Integration between NFT Marketplace and Super Galactic
  • Rating System Configuration
  • Designed a Sustainable P2E Game Economy
  • In-Game Design
  • Super Galactic Tutorials
  • Updated Device Compatibility: Web Browser, Desktop & Android

→ Alpha Testing: First Community testing of Super Galactic (completed May-October 2022)

  • Alpha Access to 1,565 Community Members
  • Basic PVE Mode
  • PVP Duel Mode
  • Leaderboard

→ Closed-Beta: Increase the number of testers but not open for public

  • PVE Gameplay
  • Testnet P2E Integration
  • Earn Testnet UAP
  • New Maps Added
  • Boss Fight Mechanics
  • New Enemy Models
  • New Visual Effects (abilities)
  • Death Animation
  • New Missions
  • Upgrading Body Parts w/ UAP
  • PVP Duel Mode
  • Launched EU and NA Servers
  • Web 3.0 Connection

→ UAP (two-token system) LBP Launch

→ Open-Beta: Open for the public to play the game and earn, but the users must hold/purchase a genesis NFT and a weapon from the marketplace to play. However, it is still in the beta phase

  • Live P2E Integration
  • Earn UAP

PVP Mode

  • Team Deathmatch
  • PVE Mode
  • Boss Missions
  • Drones in Super Galactic
  1. Super Galactic Season 1: The Inception
  2. Super Galactic Season 2: Return of the Originals
  3. Super Galactic Season 3: “The Prophecy”

Mothership Launchpad

  • Tier List Reveal
  • Early Access Whitelist
  • Integrate Projects into the UFO Gaming Marketplace
  • Incubating P2E & Metaverse Projects

Virtual Land

  • Game 1: Pegasus Land Release
  • Less common, Common, Common Rare, Rare, and Eternal Land
  • Game 2: “X” Land release

Dark Metaverse

  • Alpha w/ Web 3.0 connection

… And much more 👀.

The new Whitepaper is awaited.

With the introduction of the new Whitepaper, an entirely new roadmap will be created, drawing heavily upon the information presented above.

4. Community Q & A

Each of the following questions was submitted by a member of the community. Send us a question in the comments of our next Q&A tweet or Telegram message if you want to see it featured. We value the opinions of the #UFOARMY and welcome any feedback on how to make UFO Gaming better as a community-oriented initiative.

Question 1:


  1. Any exchange listings will be published on our official social media: Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.
  2. First, we will have a closed-beta launch and an open-beta launch. After successfully testing together with our community, the game, NFT Marketplace, and other components will be fully released.
  3. We are constantly marketing in numerous ways; however, this is adjusted in conjunction depending on the market situation.
  4. That is fully up to Ace to decide!
  5. UFO will be a multichain project, existing in numerous blockchains. Thus we won’t leave Ethereum.
  6. Yes. Development is ongoing and will not stop. The “crypto winter” is the perfect time to build.
  7. When Super Galactic is up and running, a type of burning mechanism will be implemented.
  8. TBA!
  9. As for FTX, luckily, never!

Question 2:


Johnny, we much appreciate your support! The growth and interest in UFO will continue indefinitely. Regardless of market circumstances, development and advancement will continue.

I’m sure UFoger would enjoy a 1v1 when the time is perfect; keep an eye out for a Twitter direct message… ;)

As previously mentioned in the article, we are pleased to announce that the initial version will be available for the community in a few days to wander and explore! However, the preparation of the future edition (eventually including web 3.0) will need some time. Keep an eye out for Metaverse Q&A and meetups!

Question 3:


Greetings, Shaky!

It is definitely not off the table to include iOS. However, the first iteration will include Android, any web browser, and desktop devices.

Question 4:


Thank you for the support, Sarmad! As with any other exchange listing we have had, when finalized, it will be publicized on our official announcement pages.

Question 5:


Communication with our community is a top priority since we are a “community-oriented” project. Everything we’ve done, including the fair launch, has been consistent with this conviction.

Feel free to send a message to the Telegram group if you have any suggestions. Our team members and tens of thousands of community members would be delighted to assist you.

Currently, our top goal is planning, developing, refining, and enhancing our NFT Marketplace and Super Galactic game. These two major products will play a significant role in our early P2E strategy. A substantial amount of development and quality-of-life user interfaces are required to make this suitable for both conventional gamers and crypto-savvy players.

Question 6:


We are internally testing the breeding, minting, and several web 3.0 components before giving our community the opportunity to test this out for themselves. The closed beta will give insight into the connection between web 3.0 and the game, while the open beta will be a fully-fledged and playable version for anyone.

We will complete these in thorough phases, ensuring everything is smooth and ready for production.

Question 7:


Two days ago! https://twitter.com/TheUFOtoken/status/1597540163206664193?s=20&t=TFC8G_xB4ly0Bp_Gs499gg

Question 8:


We have an elaborate marketing approach that is continual and dynamic. We alter the intensity and platforms based on market conditions and other variables. Due to considerations of competitiveness, we will not reveal the complete approach, but it is continuing and evident to those with a trained eye.
Our new Whitepaper will explain what to anticipate from a “live timeline.” However, the development and progress ultimately determine the release date.

Question 9:


We are now working on a thoroughly updated edition of the whitepaper since a lot of progress has been achieved, along with modifications in the timeframe and goals. The new whitepaper will detail our new milestones in a comprehensive plan, providing our community with a more complete picture of what to anticipate.

Our community previously got four to five months to test the alpha version of Super Galactic. The next phase will consist of closed beta testing.

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