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The Development & Building Continues

UFO Monthly is back!

What will the monthly UFO articles cover?

The UFO Monthly format is designed to provide the community with a summarized update of the previous month’s developments.

It is an opportunity for the community to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news, events, and project progress. These articles will concisely overview the most important updates, including new partnerships, product releases, and community events. It may also include sneak peeks into what’s coming up in the future.

The Monthly articles are an excellent way for the community to stay connected to the project and better understand what’s happening behind the scenes.

In short, we are building.

Proper game- and Web 3.0 development takes time. But we have an excellent team that is building and developing every day. We are always very thorough with testing our products before any final release, prioritizing quality and security above anything else.

Any product we release will have a quality that speaks for itself, which is essential as we have seen time and time again exploits and security breaches in countless Web 3.0 projects.

Let’s look at some of this month’s chain of events. 👇

Article Content 👇

1. Browser Version of Super Galactic

2. Super Galactic: Closed Beta

3. Whitepaper and Roadmap Update

4. Ability Showcases

5. Developer Diary

6. UFO Metaverse Meetup

1. Browser Version of Super Galactic

🎉Browser Mode has been officially added internally!

Players have been required to download a client to play Super Galactic, developed solely for Windows, Linux, and Android, until now.

With the new browser mode, Mac users may participate.

We’re thrilled to bring Browser Mode to Super Galactic, and we can’t wait for players to experience the game in this new way, making it easier for anyone to try.

The browser mode will be available from the SG closed beta.

With Browser Mode, players can seamlessly enter the Super Galactic universe from their browser.

This also means players can play Super Galactic on most devices with an internet connection, making it more accessible. 💻🖥📱


Browser mode is a crucial addition to Super Galactic because it removes the need for players to download and install a separate client, which can be a barrier to entry for some. With the new browser mode, players can open their web browser and enter the Super Galactic universe with just a few clicks.

This is especially important for Mac users, who previously couldn’t participate in the game due to the lack of a compatible client. With browser mode, Super Galactic is now accessible to a much wider audience, regardless of their device or operating system. In addition, browser mode makes it easier for players to switch between devices.

Overall, browser mode is a significant step forward in creating a more accessible, user-friendly, and inclusive gaming experience. UFO Gaming is excited to continue pushing the boundaries of decentralized gaming and pioneering new ways for players to interact with their favorite games.

2. Super Galactic: Closed Beta

Community Made Video by Dazed — Coming Soon.

The team is rigorously testing, seeking to make the experience as seamless as possible.

During Super Galactic’s first round of testing, 1,565 players participated and provided feedback on the game’s most basic form. With the community's help, the team has identified necessary changes and improvements to the game client, gameplay mechanics, and other aspects of the game.

The game's closed and open beta versions will feature a connection to Web 3.0, allowing players to evaluate the game’s blockchain integration. The closed beta will initially be limited to approximately 20 committed players per campaign round, and inactive players may be rotated to make room for new ones. A Gleam campaign will provide access to the closed beta, as previous alpha players have experience with it.

We plan to run multiple campaign rounds to increase the number of players accessing the closed beta gradually. Players can participate on any web browser, Windows computer, or Android mobile device.

We’re closing in, hang tight & stay tuned for more updates on Super Galactic’s closed beta!

3. Whitepaper and Roadmap Update

Whitepaper 2.0

Good news! We have finished drafting and writing the new whitepaper version that will be made public soon. We are doing a final review while our designers ensure the visual experience will be at the highest level.

The newest whitepaper & roadmap will provide a realistic and updated outlook on UFO Gaming’s milestones and development.

The updated roadmap spans 2022–2025 and includes key milestones such as NFT marketplace and Super Galactic game revamps, new weapons, P2E integration, and tiered exchange listings. It also includes the closed-beta testing and UAP’s two-token system launch. Open-beta testing will follow, allowing users with Genesis NFTs to earn UAP in PVE and PVP modes.

We are, of course, also planning to release virtual land, other P2E games, and Metaverse projects.

Excited about the roadmap and whitepaper release? Follow UFO Gaming on Twitter & Telegram for updates.

4. Ability Showcases

We are committed to showcasing all the exciting abilities and features of Super Galactic to our community. Whether through social media posts, blog articles, or YouTube videos, we are dedicated to keeping our community informed and engaged.

How Are Abilities Connected To The NFT?

NFT Body Parts provide active and passive abilities. They play a crucial role in each NFT character within Super Galactic. A total of six NFT body parts make up a single NFT character. These body parts contribute to the character’s appearance and provide active and passive abilities that give the character special skills and strengths on the battlefield.

In addition to the abilities, each NFT body part also comes with stats, ratings, and procs, influencing the character’s performance. With the combination of different body parts, users can create unique and powerful NFT characters that can be used in various scenarios.

Web 3.0 and Gaming, Combined

As a combined gaming, crypto & web 3.0 project, the focus is often narrowed down to the web 3.0 capabilities, such as a fully functional decentralized wallet login, secondary token use-cases in-game, and its connection to our NFT Marketplace. However, Super Galactic also has some pretty cool mechanics.

It’s important for our community to have a clear understanding of what Super Galactic has to offer, from its innovative gameplay mechanics to its integration with blockchain technology. That’s why we take every opportunity to showcase the game's features and how they work together to create a unique player experience.

We are constantly looking for new ways to engage with our community and provide you with the information you need to appreciate Super Galactic's capabilities fully. From posting gameplay sessions on our YouTube to posting detailed breakdowns of the game’s mechanics, we want our community to be as excited about Super Galactic as we are.

Ultimately, we aim to create a passionate and engaged community as excited about Super Galactic as we are. We believe that by showcasing all of the game’s capabilities and features, we can create a vibrant and thriving community passionate about the Super Galactic universe.

Abilities Showcased So Far

⚡️💨Power Charge: In PVP or PVE, dash between your foes and strike them as you pass

📢Battle Alarm: Battle Alarm is an aura that increases the damage of all friendly units.

⚔️Boundless Strike: The boundless strike is a long-range attack based on your melee weapon damage.

🦾Shiva Arms: The NFT can simultaneously use melee weapons and firearms. Also, gain a melee damage bonus and a reach bonus.

💨Shift: Flash into a target, blinding enemies in your path.

🔥Flame Stream: The NFT character unleashes a stream of fire.

💣Napalm Sprinkling: The NFT character launches a napalm grenade.

🔥Ring of Flames: The NFT creates an expanding fire circle, damaging enemies and igniting the ground.

🔥Searing Whip: The NFT slams a searing whip in front of the character, damaging, slowing, and silencing enemies.

🏃💨 Leap Attack: Leap to the target point and deal damage based on your melee weapon damage.

⚔️Cleave: The NFT’s melee attacks gain <p1> % damage bonus and cleave in a <a1>-degree circular sector.

🟢Corrosive Spray: Sprays a corrosion gas reducing enemy resistances by <p1> for <d1> seconds.

🟢Toxic Waste: The NFT throws a boil of wastes creating a toxic zone in <r2> radius around the point of impact for <d1> seconds. Zone deals <p1> damage every 0.5 seconds for all enemies standing inside it.

5. Developer Diary

As you might have noticed, we have started a developer diary intended to give our community deeper insight into updates surrounding Super Galactic.

The purpose of the Super Galactic Developer Diary is to keep the community updated on the development of the game, showcasing new features and improvements as they are implemented.

This helps to build a stronger connection between the developers and the community, allowing for feedback and suggestions to be incorporated into the game’s development process. We believe the transparent building will create a strong and engaged community around the game.

6. UFO Metaverse Meetup

As we mentioned on the Meetup, UFO Gaming has been making great strides in developing its Metaverse, and we are excited to share with our community that we are dedicating portions of our resources to building out the newer version of the Metaverse, which will include Web 3.0 capabilities and a lot more fun user control.

As many of you already know, we have had several UFO Metaverse Meetups, and those were only the first version of our Metaverse. The meetups were a success, and we brought together members of our community eager to experience the future of gaming.

We received valuable feedback and insights from our community, which has been instrumental in shaping our vision for the new Metaverse.

The new Metaverse will be built on Web 3.0 technology, allowing seamless integration with the blockchain. This will give users greater control over their gaming assets and new opportunities for integration of the UFO Gaming platform within the Metaverse.

At UFO Gaming, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with gaming and blockchain technology.

Keep in mind this is still quite early, and the community will first experience Super Galactic in its new fresh blockchain-ready form.

As promised in the Metaverse Meetup, we will host a Twitter Spaces for our next Q&A session.

Learn more about UFO:

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