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Roadmap, Boss fights & Twitter Spaces

In this month’s article, we’ll cover four key topics: the roadmap, a detailed breakdown of the roadmap, insights from our Developer Diary focusing on Boss Fights, and an invitation to the following Twitter Q&A session. Our mission is to keep you informed and engaged as we embark on a thrilling journey to revolutionize the gaming industry.

This UFO Monthly will present an overview of UFO Gaming’s roadmap, highlighting the ambitious growth plans and development of a robust ecosystem, in addition to diving deep into the specifics, with an analysis of each phase, including the Growth, Blackhole, and Intergalactic phases.

In our Developer Diary segment, we’ll explore the exciting world of Boss Fights in the Super Galactic game.

And lastly, we’ll be inviting our community to the second Twitter Q&A session, where we will engage with our community and answer your burning questions.

Article Content 👇

1. Roadmap

2. Breakdown of Roadmap

3. Developer Diary: Boss Fights

4. Twitter Q & A

1. Roadmap

The revised Whitepaper and Roadmap will comprehensively overview our future ambitions and upgraded ecosystem structures. The version below is what will appear in the new WP.

The roadmap’s stages will be completed between 2022 and 2025. Specific product releases are essential prerequisites for others, and as such, the roadmap will be dynamically updated to evolve thoroughly with the process.

Phase 1 (Growth)

☑️Litepaper Release
☑️Whitepaper Release
☑️Partnership Reveal
☑️Centralized Exchange Listings

Phase 2 (Blackhole)

☑️Tier 1 Centralized Exchange
☑️Growth-Focused Marketing
☑️Staking Dapp (LIVE)
☑️Early Access to the Dark Metaverse Alpha
☑️Super Galactic: Alpha
☑️Acquisition of eSports Team
☑️Hosting Battle Royale Tournaments

Phase 3 (Intergalactic)

⬜Leading Tier 1 Centralized Exchange
⬜Growth-Focused Marketing
⬜Partnership Announcements
⬜Player Acquisition
⬜NFT Marketplace
⬜UFOGEES Collection
⬜Super Galactic: Closed-Beta
⬜UAP (two-token system) LBP Launch
⬜Genesis NFT Minting
⬜Super Galactic: Open-Beta
⬜Mothership Launchpad
⬜Virtual Land
⬜Dark Metaverse v2
⬜AI Research & Integration
⬜Next game unveiling
⬜eSports Expansion
⬜DAO System

2. Breakdown of the Roadmap

An illustrative example of the Roadmap

UFO Gaming aims to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience by integrating blockchain technology with traditional gaming. The roadmap, spanning from 2021 to 2025, outlines the ambitious growth plan and the development of a robust ecosystem to achieve just that. Although subject to dynamic updates, the roadmap serves as a guide for product releases and strategic milestones, shaping the future of UFO Gaming.

The below sections will analyze and break down the roadmap, giving a better picture of the work required to fulfill each milestone.

Phases Overview:

Growth Phase (Completed in 2021)

The Growth Phase laid the foundation for UFO Gaming’s success by conveying the vision, releasing the Litepaper and Whitepaper, revealing partnerships, and listing on Tier 1 Centralized Exchange.

Blackhole Phase (Completed in 2021–2022)

The Blackhole Phase focused on establishing UFO Gaming’s presence in the market through marketing campaigns, beginning the P2E process by launching the Staking Dapp and granting early access to the Dark Metaverse Alpha. Additionally, UFO Gaming expanded into eSports with the acquisition of an eSports team and hosting Battle Royale tournaments.

Intergalactic Phase (Ongoing)

The Intergalactic Phase aims to consolidate UFO Gaming’s position as a leader in the blockchain gaming industry. Key milestones include listing on a leading Tier 1 Centralized Exchange, announcing new partnerships, and launching an NFT Marketplace with diverse collections and connections to our game(s). Super Galactic will undergo various development stages, from closed-beta to open-beta, culminating in the release of multiple seasons and patches, new game releases, AI research & integration, and a web 3.0 Metaverse.

The Intergalactic Phase also introduces the two-token system (UAP LBP Launch) and a Mothership Launchpad to incubate innovative P2E and Metaverse projects. Virtual Land offerings and the expansion of the Dark Metaverse will further enhance UFO Gaming’s ecosystem.

UFO Gaming’s comprehensive roadmap signifies the commitment to delivering state-of-the-art gaming experiences by leveraging blockchain technology. By achieving the outlined milestones and more, UFO Gaming aspires to revolutionize the gaming industry and establish itself as a leading player in this rapidly evolving genre.

Let’s break it down in bullet points 👇

Growth Phase (completed in 2021)

  • Litepaper Release
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Partnership Reveal
  • Tier 1 Centralized Exchange

Blackhole Phase (completed in 2021–2022)

  • Tier 1 Centralized Exchange
  • Growth-Focused Marketing
  • Staking Dapp (LIVE)
  • Early Access to the Alpha Dark Metaverse
  • → Non-Web 3.0 version

Intergalactic Phase (ongoing)

  • Growth-Focused Marketing

NFT Marketplace

NFT Minting:

  • Genesis
  • Melee- and Ranged Weapons


  • Create an Account
  • Auction & Fixed Price Listing
  • Breeding
  • Claim UAP (In-Game Token)
  • Rent (Earn by renting out your NFT)
  • Mothership (Launchpad)
  • Dashboard (analytics)

→In-Game NFT Assets

  • First Generation Genesis Collection
  • UFOGER Collection
  • UFOPredator Collection

UFOGEES Collection

  • Utility: Airdrops, early Access, VIP Areas, Whitelists, Epic Title, Alpha Group, Staking, Bonus Earnings,
  • Giveaway with Open-Beta of Super Galactic (Tesla, Alienware Computer, and Physical NFTs)
  • Smart Contract Audit

Super Galactic Game & P2E system

  • Complete revamp of Super Galactic
  • Updated Body Part Components
  • New Playable NFTs (second generation Genesis)
  • New Ally & Enemy Models
  • PVP & Looting System
  • Quality of Life- & UI Improvements
  • Revamped P2E- & Rating System
  • Revamped- and Remodelled New Weapons
  • Web 3.0 Wallet Connection
  • Mumbai Testnet NFTs Displayed In-Game
  • Integration between NFT Marketplace and Super Galactic
  • Rating System Configuration
  • Designed a Sustainable P2E Game Economy
  • In-Game Design
  • Super Galactic Tutorials
  • Updated Device Compatibility: Web Browser, Desktop & Android

→ Alpha Testing: First Community testing of Super Galactic (completed May-October 2022)

  • Alpha Access to 1,565 Community Members
  • Basic PVE Mode
  • PVP Duel Mode
  • Leaderboard

→ Closed-Beta: Increase the number of testers but not open for public

  • PVE Gameplay
  • Testnet P2E Integration
  • Earn Testnet UAP
  • New Maps Added
  • Boss Fight Mechanics
  • New Enemy Models
  • New Visual Effects (abilities)
  • Death Animation
  • New Missions
  • Upgrading Body Parts w/ UAP
  • PVP Duel Mode
  • Launched EU and NA Servers
  • Web 3.0 Connection

→ UAP (two-token system) LBP Launch

→ Open-Beta: Open for the public to play the game and earn, but the users must hold/purchase a genesis NFT and a weapon from the Marketplace to play. However, it is still in the beta phase

  • Live P2E Integration
  • Earn UAP

PVP Mode

  • Team Deathmatch
  • PVE Mode
  • Boss Missions
  • Drones in Super Galactic
  1. Super Galactic Season 1: The Inception
  2. Super Galactic Season 2: Return of the Originals
  3. Super Galactic Season 3: “The Prophecy”

DAO System

  • A community-based DAO system for voting proposals

Mothership Launchpad

  • Tier List Reveal
  • Early Access Whitelist
  • Integrate Projects into the UFO Gaming Marketplace
  • Incubating P2E & Metaverse Projects

Virtual Land

  • Game 1: Pegasus Land Release
  • Less common, Common, Common Rare, Rare, and Eternal Land
  • Game 2: “X” Land release

Dark Metaverse

  • Version 2 w/ Web 3.0 connection

We hope you are as thrilled to work on these objectives as we are. Keep in mind that the objectives and milestones may be added unto.🛸

3. Developer Diary: Boss Fights

The purpose of the Super Galactic Development Blog is to provide regular updates on the development of the game and to showcase any new features or improvements as they are implemented.

This method strengthens the bonds between the team and the players, allowing for more effective feedback and idea integration.

Our new boss battles provide an isolated, high-stakes environment where your NFT player will be put to the test.

Closed-beta participants will be the first to see these epic fights and test the strength of their NFT Soldiers.

These bosses have been placed on the planets; NERO-Z1, EUSOCIA, and CBR-1101.

4. Twitter Q & A

On April 3rd, 2023, at 10 AM EST, we will conduct our second Twitter Spaces Q&A event.

Our Twitter Spaces will give our community a unique opportunity to engage directly with our team members, fostering open communication and strengthening connections.

During the UFO Gaming Twitter Spaces Q&A, participants will have the chance to ask questions, share their thoughts, and learn more about our plans, projects, and developments.

Learn more about UFO:

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