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1. The Exciting Evolution of Super Galactic

2. Super Galactic Updated & Patch Notes

3. Staking dApp First Anniversary!

1. The Exciting Evolution of Super Galactic

Super Galactic is on an ever-evolving journey to make the user experience truly out-of-this-world.

Recent changes & updates reflect the developers’ ongoing commitment to delivering an immersive, dynamic gaming experience.

Expanding Gameplay Horizons

There have been significant improvements to Super Galactic’s gameplay. Our clip highlights and released videos are intended to give players a glimpse into the results of dedicated gameplay testing and intricate balancing, which involves countless hours of testing.

The updates aim to provide a fair and challenging environment that fuels the competitive spirit while keeping the gameplay fun and engaging.

However, balancing a game and its characters is a continuous process that will take months to perfect once we have a solid player base in the closed- and open beta.

An Ever-Evolving Game Interface

Among the recent (internal) updates, quite a few focus on the game interface, aiming to make it more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The design team has worked tirelessly to ensure that every change aligns with the overall visual aesthetics of the game.

The modifications include enhancing the visual cues of the ability cooldown UI and improving the presentation of the in-game item shop.

The item display now has a cleaner look, providing players with more ease in purchasing and utilizing in-game items.

Embracing Web 3 Technologies

Super Galactic is leveraging the potential of Web 3. This innovative technology brings a decentralized, transparent, and user-controlled experience.

The developers are testing and iterating on both the Web 3 and gameplay side to create a seamless blend of blockchain technology and engaging gameplay. This step aims to elevate the gaming experience by giving players a sense of ownership and active participation in the game universe.

Polishing the Experience

Numerous bug fixes have also been introduced, making the gameplay smoother and more stable. These include resolving the elusive “disappearing mini-map” issue, fixing the erratic behavior of character abilities, and mending the overlapping text on the leaderboards. More on that below.

2. Super Galactic Updated & Patch Notes

This section will take you through these changes, offering a comprehensive understanding of what they will mean for players and how they contribute to the game’s development trajectory.

The game developers have made several adjustments, & improvements, ranging from gameplay mechanics, visual effects (VFX), and sound effects (SFX) to error fixes. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Quest Tracking Improvements: Fixed an issue regarding pooling quest-tracking objects to help streamline the objectives list.
  • Healing & Pickups Fix: The new update ensures no healing and pickups when the player’s character dies.
  • Ammo Pickup: Ammo pickup has been fixed when the pickup quantity exceeds the clip size.
  • Charged Melee Skills: Developers have adjusted the game’s charged melee skills. The melee hit is canceled if the distance is exceeded.
  • Blazing Shields: There was an issue of infinitely spawning visuals, which has been resolved.
  • Drop Generator Parameters: Adjusted for a better gameplay experience.
  • Main Menu Error Spam: Earlier, disconnecting from a game would cause a network logic issue, creating a flood of error messages. This has been fixed.

Visual and Sound Enhancements

Visuals and sounds play a significant role in the immersive experience of a game, which is why the Super Galactic team has made multiple improvements in these areas:

  • VFXs update: Various skills like Firewhip, Toxic waste, dancing lights, and others received VFX sound updates. The player’s death now has a unique VFX.
  • Sound Fixes: Both human characters and the Xenos (bug planet) now have improved sounds.
  • New Animations and Models: The game introduced a new model and animation for many armed shiva effects. The visual effect now smoothly follows the character when active.

Performance Improvements and Error Fixes

  • Gameplay Performance: The base character’s movement speed has been decreased from 8 to 6 to allow for more realistic character movement.
  • Projectiles Fixes: Updates have been made to various projectiles, making them more effective.
  • Skills Updates: The game has seen multiple updates in skills. Skills like ‘Battle Alarm,’ ‘Laser Beam,’ and ‘Shift’ have been updated to improve gameplay.
  • Robot Enemies Update: The invisible hitbox issue that lingered after an enemy was killed has been resolved. The robot enemies also now respond to skill damage.

Closed Beta

So how does all of this affect the Super Galactic closed beta, and what can closed-beta players expect to see of the Web 3.0 integration? You will soon know yourself if you are among the lucky chosen ones.

The closed beta will allow players to test the updated client with all the above changes, along with a seamless Web 3.0 login, and mint their own test NFT, which is required to play the game. They can also play the latest updates, such as the PVP Duel, Team Deathmatch mode, and the updated PVE modes.

The Making of Super Galactic

Refining Super Galactic involves a lot of time, layers, and development. It’s about creating an engaging game and ensuring every aspect is polished and works harmoniously, checking and rechecking, testing and retesting, and not stopping until the experience is just right.

It’s fueled by a passion for gaming and a commitment to the players.

The team is dedicated to improving every game aspect, from character balance and gameplay mechanics to Web 3 integration.

3. Staking dApp First Anniversary!

As the UFO Gaming Staking dApp embarks on its second year, users can look forward to the extension of Plasma Point rewards. This will continue until the emission of Plasma has exceeded the ten million mark.

However, the UFO reward emission has stopped accruing from July 30th, 2023. It’s worth noting that all UFO token rewards accrued before July 30th, 2023, remain claimable with a one-year claim time, as expected. This means that even if the UFO token rewards have ceased to accrue, players who earned them before the cut-off date can claim what they’ve earned.

Let’s recap some of the Plasma- and UFO reward information:

Plasma Points

  • Needed to mint a Genesis NFT.
  • Plasma Points will be claimable and distributed right away.
  • When you “claim” Plasma Point rewards, they will be unlocked after pushing the “claim” button.

UFO Rewards

  • UFO Rewards will have a vesting schedule of 12 months.
  • When you “claim” UFO rewards, they will be unlocked 12 months after pushing the “claim” button.
  • The second you press claim, the rewards will be released 12 months later.
  • Emission of UFO Rewards is available for ONE YEAR (finished 30.07.2023).

For those seeking more information about the UFO Gaming staking dapp and its one-year journey, the original Medium article provides a comprehensive overview of its inception, journey, and plans.


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