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4 min readNov 29, 2021

Strategic Partnership with Kaddex and Kadena to build the UFO Gaming Metaverse Multichain DEX.

UFO Gaming is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Kaddex, the only multi-protocol DEX with native decentralized bridges powered by Kadena.

UFO Gaming’s overall aim is to integrate traditional games and studios into the blockchain. As a result, there will be numerous in-game assets, two-token systems, and NFTs. To seamlessly transfer funds through the ecosystem and to swap to your needed game assets, we are introducing FRACTAL. An in-house Cross-Chain DEX and AMM to our roadmap.

We have formally included FRACTAL into our roadmap for 2022, with an alpha version already functioning.

This will be done in collaboration with Kadena and Kaddex.

We will be using the Kadena technology to initiate our first in-house Metaverse Swaps and AMM, built on Kadena. By collaborating with Kadena and Kaddex, we will have the opportunity to integrate already working multi-protocol technology, giving our users a clean experience from the get-go. All while distributing fees to both $UFO and $KDX holders.

Kaddex will assist in the development of Fractal, serve as a portal to the Metaverse, and host a hub that will link directly to Fractal. This hub will showcase trending Metaverse related items and assets.

In addition, members of the Kaddex ecosystem will be able to make use of their forthcoming reputation system to earn beta access to new UFO Gaming projects, giving their users access to the new projects launching through UFO.

Cross-Chain Metaverse Swaps and AMM

UFO’s Dark Metaverse remains chain-agnostic. Games within the ecosystem are not contained within Ethereum’s framework.

FRACTAL Cross-Chain Swap AMM creates a hub for an interoperable, efficient financial infrastructure that allows people to trade across chains in one place seamlessly.

UFO Gaming has partnered with developed infrastructures and cross-chain liquidity providers as well to develop FRACTAL that will provide value beyond decentralized earthly exchanges, such as:

  • Cross-chain Swaps
  • Cross-chain NFT staking
  • Cross-chain staking

FRACTAL is an OMNI hub for all on-chain and off transactions within UFO’s Dark Metaverse in collaboration with Kaddex and Kadena.

Look forward to trading on FRACTAL in 2022.

Why a Cross-Chain DEX on Kadena?

There are multiple reasons why Kadena makes sense to launch our Fractal DEX. Liquidity working through multiple chains, decentralized infrastructure, unlimited scalability, and gas stations are some of them.

Decentralized Infrastructure

Kaddex lives up to the decentralized claim: everything from liquidity provision, pricing to swapping is done entirely on-chain, requires no intervention from off-chain authorities or oracles, and is fully autonomous with no control by any central on-chain authority either.

Multichain liquidity

Instead of putting the entire liquidity in one DEX, Kadena will allow us to have fluid liquidity across multiple chains. It doesn’t matter which of the 20 chains we choose to pool liquidity.

Gas stations

The project itself can determine all transaction fees on any DAPP built on Kadena. UFO Gaming can fill a faucet for a specific month, making the entire operation on any of our applications gas-free. Including our in-house DEX. Gas fees are one of the apparent problems in today’s major chains. With UFO Gaming’s collaboration with Kadena- and Kaddex, this won’t be a problem.

Instant transactions

Network congestion will never be an issue with Kadena since it can grow TPS indefinitely. This, in combination with gas-free transactions, will guarantee speedy settlements and security while giving the greatest user experience possible.

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