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The land of Super Galactic was thriving with peace and unlimited resources. It seemed like nothing could stop them from progressing in the intergalactic space, as the UFOgees were set to become the epitome of technological innovation in the universe. However, the day Vexfiend showed up in the Super Galactic realm, chaos emerged. With his reckless thirst for blood, he slaughtered every living being he could find, including the UFOgees, with no mercy. UFOger managed to save 10,000 of his kind, and they need a new home. These scarce UFOgees will come back someday to reclaim their home planet, but a safe haven is needed until then.

#UFOARMY will you help the UFOgees in their time of need?

UFoger needs help to repopulate his planet, Pegasus, and reclaim authority in the Super Galactic realm. Before the game’s release, we need the help of brave soldiers that can nurture and repopulate the UFogees. By giving 2 UFogee NFTs a home, you will be able to repopulate the population by staking and breeding.

Do not worry; we do not ask you to do this for free. Significant tasks are rewarded with great prizes.


The UFOGEES will have a range of utilities that will be accessible from the mint day.

Staking, breeding, Plasma Point rewards, game utility, and a massive giveaway to holders of UFOGEES.

We are implementing real-life mechanisms to the breeding function. Users will be able to stake and breed them, receiving an egg as a reward.

By obtaining two UFOGEE NFTs, either minting or buying on the market, users can stake and breed them. When a user breeds two UFOGEE NFTs, they will receive an egg. This process is repeatable.

The Egg does not hatch but will be tradable for Plasma Points. This gives an additional utility for Plasma Points, and therefore Super Galactic. A truly fair launch, with a sustainable model behind it.

If you breed the same UFOGEES a second time, they will take longer to breed, have a chance at being infertile, or produce deformed eggs. In a similar fashion to real-life biology and pets, the more the UFOGEES age and breed, the longer they take to breed and introduce genetic deformities. There will be an additional mechanism for deformed eggs.

Breakdown of the UFOGEE NFT utility

Breeding and staking

  • Obtain two UFOGEE NFTs and stake/breed them.
  • When a user breeds two UFOGEE NFTs, they will receive an egg that will be tradable for Plasma Points.
  • You will still keep your UFOGEE NFTs, and they can be staked repeatedly.
  • Each time you stake them, they will take longer to hatch an egg.
  • There’s a random chance after breeding 3–5 times that the eggs won’t hatch. There will be a mechanism to trade these dead eggs.

UFOGEE Minigame

  • Will be needed to play a minigame created in the future, featuring UFOGEES.
  • Holders of the NFT can use it as an avatar in a future version of the Metaverse when Web 3.0 wallets are integrated.

Hold for Giveaway: Tesla, Alienware and Physical NFT

  • Holders are eligible for a giveaway of 1 Tesla (with UFO brand)
  • 5 Alienware PCs, and
  • 20 Physical NFT copies.

The giveaway will occur at the launch of Super Galactic. A snapshot will be taken of UFOGEE holders.

GIVEAWAY of Tesla, Alienware PC, and Physical NFTs

26 random holders of UFOGEE NFTs will be eligible for the giveaway of one Tesla, five Alienware PC’s and twenty Physical NFTs.

The UFO team will randomly choose 26 different UFOGEE holder addresses. The winners will be announced at the release of our debut game, Super Galactic.

Increase your chances

You are eligible for the giveaway by holding UFOGEES. However, on the UFogee Discord, you can substantially increase your chances in the community giveaway by earning UForrency’s.

UForrency (A UFO Discord-based currency) is usable in the UFO Discord Item Shop. Only obtainable by staying active in the Discord.

How do I receive UForrency?

Everyone starts with 1 UForrency (A UFO Discord-based currency).

There are three actionable that increase your UForrency.

One Discord message = 1 UForrency.

One minute in a voice channel = 1 UForrency.

For every Discord channel invite = 10 UForrency.

With the UForrency, Discord users can buy additional raffle entries into the contest for the Tesla/UFOgees/Alienware computers, substantially increasing your winning chances.

1. Press on the “Shop” Discord Channel 2. Press on the “Shop” Pop-up box
3. Select the item(s) you want to buy for UForrency 4. Browse item(s)

Simply use the Item Shop, and click on your desired purchase.

1 Additional Raffle Entry for Physical NFT = 100 Points

1 Additional Raffle Entry for Alienware PC = 400 Points

1 Additional Raffle Entry for Tesla = 1000 Points

You can also buy unique Discord Roles and Custom Roles for UForrency, the UFO Discord currency.

This system is set to reward loyal community members and saviors of the baby UFogees.

NFT Features

Each of the scarce UFOgees will be unique, with their own set of headwear, shirt, hand object, jewelry accessory, facial feature, and shoes. These randomized features and traits will determine rarity levels.

Feature #1

Headwear, Shirts, and Hand Objects

Hats: There will be 15 different hats/head accessories.

Among shuffled hat add-ons, you will find a bandana, beanie, ski mask, headband, astronaut helmet.

Shirts: There will be more than 15 different shirts inspired by popular brands.

Hand Objects: There will be more than 5 hand objects.

Among these, you will find iPhone, crypto symbols, pocket knives, candy, bags, crayons.

Feature #2

Facial Features, Jewelry Accessories, and Shoes

Eyes: The range differs from normal eyes, puppy eyes, squinting eyes, and teary eyes.

Mouth: Normal mouth, drooling mouth, happy mouth, and sad mouth.

Jewelry Accessories: These are among the rarest additions and traits to the UFOGEES. The users lucky enough to mint these will be in the top percentile of rare traits.

Rolex on the wrist, gold/silver chain, and Apple AirPods

Shoes: There will be more than 10 different shoes, sneakers, sandals, running shoes, soccer shoes.

Feature #3

Base character

There will be three randomized skin tones and color schemes for each UFOGEE.

Among those you will find Gray-, Purple,- and Green colors.

The official date of release is coming soon…



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