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Feb. 18th, 2022 — Front-End, Genesis NFTs, & CTO Updates

Our third Fortnightly installment will give you a preview of our new staking dapp front-end, images and the lore of two more Genesis NFT, and some uplifting words from our CTO, Eric.

Last week we spoke about the Frankenstein problem and why we have to change our beloved first-generation Genesis NFTs. If you wish to learn more about the reasoning behind this change, please read here👇

#2 UFO Gaming Fortnightly. Feb. 4th, 2022 — Genesis NFTs & Audit… | by UFO Gaming | Feb, 2022 | Medium

Fortnightly update in video format


This Fortnightly update will focus on:

  • Fireside Chat: A Message from our CTO
  • → Super Galactic — Leaderboard, Friends List and Guild System
  • → UFO Gaming Wallet Integration
  • Preview: New Staking Front-End
  • Lore: Two More Genesis NFTs
  • → Physical — The Myronox Soldier
  • → Laser — The Zegoc Soldier

Fireside Chat: A Message from our CTO

Hi Aliens and Space Marines! We’re hard at work building out the Dark Metaverse, and I wanted to keep you all apprised of the technical goings-on here at UFO Gaming.

The Staking DApp is looking fantastic; as you all know, we have a new logo design, but wait until you see the new interface that the logo lives in when we get the DApp launched.

Speaking of staking, our contracts are done with QA, optimization and were previously sent off to an army of auditors. We are crazy about security; there is nothing as important, but wait, yes, there is — fees and cost! As you know, we will be staking UFO and UFO-LP on Ethereum, but our Dark Metaverse will run on Polygon to save you tons of gas fees. We’re working to make sure that our DApp is as efficient as can be, so hold tight while we squeeze the gas costs out as best we can.

Super Galactic — Leaderboard, Friends List and Guild System

Super Galactic is coming along nicely; we have our networking servers now in large clusters in the cloud, ready for millions of gamers to go and frag. We’re adding many social features to the system, so you’ll be able to have friend lists, shared leaderboards, and in-game chatting. We’re also working on a guild system which will be implemented in future, I’m sure you will all agree that will be a great feature when competition across the Metaverse heats up.

The other technical update is that we are working hard on Polygon to make minting Genesis NFTs with your Plasma cheap and straightforward in terms of gas. The Genesis NFTs are the gateway to Super Galactic; then, when you’ve earned enough UAP rewards, you can breed two to get more powerful game characters to power up and take on more challenging missions within Super Galactic.

UFO Gaming — Wallet Integration

To facilitate new players in Super Galactic and the Dark Metaverse, we will incorporate some easy-to-use crypto wallets into our platform. Everyone will be able to use Metamask, the most popular browser-based and mobile wallet, but we’ll also provide other ways to get started. We will include easy sign-up wallets that can use Google, Twitter, and Facebook logins to offer uncomplicated wallets to newcomers. We want everyone to quickly and easily play our games and participate in the Dark Metaverse so that anyone can sign up and play-to-earn.

Get psyched; Super Galactic will be one of the industry’s first live-action, multiplayer NFT games, so please have a little patience while the engineers burn the midnight oil and crank out a title that we can all be proud of to launch on UFO Gaming.

Preview: Staking Landing Page

Preview: New Staking Front-End

Our talented designers have spent a lot of time in finalizing the brand new design on our upcoming staking dapp

We have shifted through different brand proposals and are finally happy to unveil the route we have taken.

Keep in mind: Numbers shown are not correct. They are just placeholders.

The staking landing page will showcase some useful metrics such as:
TVL, approximate APR, total UFO staked, and total UFO-ETH LP staked.

In addition, we will provide a leaderboard for those who love the competitiveness, even within staking. The leaderboard will be released as an addition a couple of weeks after the official staking launch.

But we will also be giving users a proper video and article tutorial, showing you exactly how to stake your tokens so that you can both start earning interest and earn enough Plasma Points for a Genesis NFT.

Preview: Markets & My Stakes

Markets & My Stakes will show you the total amount staked in each pool, while My Stakes will allow you to amend, claim, and see an overview.

Preview: Staking & Unstaking

The UI will provide you with a seamless and straightforward experience. Single-stake your UFO tokens effortlessly, or pair your UFO-ETH LP tokens to accelerate the accumulation of Plasma and UFO rewards.

Unstaking is also going to be very simple — just two clicks and you’re done.

When we roll out the staking dapp, we will give our users a tutorial, showing you exactly how it is done.

We are just as excited as you are 🎉

Lore: Two More Genesis NFTs

The fresh Genesis NFT soldiers continue to accumulate. It is time to present the lore of The Myronox Soldier’s (physical) and The Zegoc Soldier’s (laser).

Second Generation Genesis NFT — Physical Level 1–4 (Low Poly)

☝️Physical — The Myronox Soldier

Myronox is a principled soldier and master of Super Galactic’s ancient martial arts. A true disciple of The Myriad Soldier and UFoger himself, he utilizes his pure physical force to overcome any obstacle.

He has dedicated his life to defending Super Galactic against anyone who would disturb its divine balance with his fellow soldiers. Those who overlook his contemplative calm will contend with his legendary fiery fists.

Myronox is more than a simple robot; he is a receptacle for the primitive Super Galactic animal spirits’ unrestrained power. With elements and traits such as fire, electro, and toxic already engaging in battle, UFoger felt the need for pure brute strength.

He had no choice but to ask the Myriad Soldier for help to train Myronox. After all, you never can get enough of brute force in open warfare with an onslaught of demons.

Myronox can summon unfathomable speed, resilience, and savage fury by harnessing bestial natures. Strong as a bear, quick as a tiger, and sly as a fox. Myronox’s united force will thwart all those who would disrupt the world’s natural order.

He’s an unadorned robot with a plain mission; Beat all of his enemies to a pulp, and smile at them while you’re at it.

Second Generation Genesis NFT — Laser Level 1–4 (Low Poly)

☝️Laser — The Zegoc Soldier

A lone tale as ancient as the Realm of Super Galactic’s first piers, the armored Zegoc prowls the dark seas off the shore.

Driven by unforgivable treachery, she attacks without warning with an instant laser beam to save the destitute and pull the greedy to their demise.

She is compelled to seek out those who disregard his warfare methods, dragging them under with him — a stark warning that no one can escape the depths.

Although it is unknown if The Zegoc Soldier was the first person with Laser power to appear on Super Galactic, there has undoubtedly never been anyone with his degree of vicious, calculated sentience.

While UFoger created his brethren to oppose evil, the battle has absorbed Zegoc, transforming her into a more reactionary force, intent on scrutinizing and studying the physical realm — and the weird, warlike people who inhabit it — for any flaw the Darkness may exploit.

Zegoc, is far from a passive spectator, retaliating against threats with lethal plasma or by altering the very fabric of the Super Galactic.

Five out of ten Genesis NFTs have been presented.

Check out the previous reveals: #2 UFO Gaming Fortnightly. Feb. 4th, 2022 — Genesis NFTs & Audit… | by UFO Gaming | Feb, 2022 | Medium

1. Fire — The Incendius Soldier 2. Electro — The Lumina Soldier 3. Toxic — The Veilinos Soldier

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