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7 min readMar 4, 2022

Mar. 4th, 2022 — New Hires, Staking DAPP, & Website rework

Our fourth Fortnightly installment will give you a preview of our new website front-end, an introduction to our two new hires, and an update on the staking dapp.

Last week we had some exciting updates to share. A Preview of the new staking dapp front-end, in addition to showcasing the second-generation Genesis NFTs, and an update from our CTO, highlighting some exciting stuff to look forward to, such as Super Galactic’s leaderboard, friends list, and guild system. If you want to learn more, please read here👇

#3 UFO Gaming Fortnightly. Feb. 18th, 2022 — Front-End, Genesis… | by UFO Gaming | Feb, 2022 | Medium

#4 Fortnightly in Video Format — By Ace


This Fortnightly update will focus on:

  • New Hires: Business Analyst & Game Economist
  • Staking Dapp Update
  • Website Update: A Complete Rework
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Apex Legends Global Series — ALGS Pro League
  • Genesis NFT Backpacks

New Hires: Business Analyst & Game Economist

We are excited that our team continues to grow. We’re getting some fantastic talent onboard UFO Gaming, including a business analyst conducting market research analysis and ensuring that we’re building the best products possible for our community.

The other hire is an experienced Game Economist who assists in the tokenomics of every upcoming game in the UFO Gaming ecosystem. In order to make a sustainable economic loop for every game we release, we need someone to oversee the process even further.

Why is a game economist needed?

While we have great mathematicians and analysts on staff, a game economist will undoubtedly be required in the future, given the volume of games UFO Gaming will launch through our platform. Secondary tokens such as UAP must be meticulously developed and monitored to minimize inflation and maintain a healthy demand.

UAP will have a variety of applications. Players need UAP in addition to breeding soldiers to improve their in-game weapons/NFTs and skills. UAP and Plasma emissions are flexible. This implies that they are manageable; the emission and expense of breeding-related items/upgrades and UAP.

We can also ensure that it does not crash in the same way as SLP did by having this control luxury. Consider it identical to a typical game Patch Note, except that this one is devoted to the Play-to-Earn economics.
It is adaptive in nature.

Our newly recruited game economist will be critical in simulating various scenarios and ensuring that secondary token inflation remains low while demand remains strong.

Staking Dapp Update

We are very excited to announce that the staking dapp is finalized!

The current delay is merely due to the additional contract functionalities required. As is customary with structured procedures, we delivered the contracts to the auditors for another round, resulting in an internal delay.

Furthermore, a portion of our development staff and auditing company is situated in Ukraine, and some of them have had to, understandably, relocate. Their safety is a priority. Without getting too political, we sincerely hope the situation is getting resolved, as war is never the answer.

What awaits is some additional internal testing (testnet), and fine-tuning numbers with our newly acquired game economist.

We are determined to create a smooth experience for every user in our ecosystem — And this requires thorough testing and auditing. We will always prioritize safety instead of rushing.

Three reputable audit companies have been auditing and given the green light to launch — As soon as we have completed the last minor tweaks, we are ready.

Keep an eye on our announcement channel and Twitter. 👀

As our CEO usually says, the patient will be rewarded.

The good news might just get a little better.

With the launch of our staking dapp comes a surprise we are sure you will like.

⚫️The Dark Metaverse approaches ever-closer…

Website Update: A Complete Rework

New UFO Logo Animation

That’s correct; we’ll be gradually unveiling portions of our brand new website over the next several weeks.

Why are we doing this?

The Play-to-Earn industry is rife with subpar onboarding experiences and even more design flaw trends. Additionally, we need a centralized location for storing and interacting with all information.

This UFO Gaming hub or gateway will be required since the Dark Metaverse ecosystem will have a specialized NFT marketplace, a variety of games, a staking dapp, and other necessary onboarding components in the future.

This website will serve as a jumping-off point for any user or studio/game developers that wish to build with UFO — serving as a clearinghouse for information and a location for staking activities and more.

Additionally, it will continuously advance the project, making it more straightforward for new projects to be onboarded.

As a first step in dominating this sector, we begin with our website, the home of UFO Gaming.

Preview of the Website

Preview: Landing Page — Intro (subject to change)

Preview of the Home page

Preview: Landing Page — Home (subject to change)

Preview of the Home page w/ multi language

We are looking forward to giving the #UFOARMY a new home. 🛸

NFT Marketplace

After the staking dapp is released, we will preview our upcoming NFT Marketplace. This will be the main hub for trading UFO Gaming assets such as Genesis NFTs, Alpha- and Beta UFOeps, Super Galactic weapons and gear pieces, Ufogees, and collectibles. It will be easily accessible through our new website.

How does the NFT Marketplace differ from the Fractal DEX?

The Fractal Metaverse DEX is intended to feature all of our assets, primarily the tokens that will flow in our ecosystem. We will have an exchange to support our UFO token as a base pair vs. other games’ assets. This includes NFTs and all other assets. Some of the games that will operate in our ecosystem will automatically get a $UFO/X pairing to their native token.

For most games that are introduced in the UFO Gaming ecosystem, there will be a two-token system introduced. The UFO token will always be the base layer. However, if we create or submit a new game, this game will add another token (like UAP in Super Galactic). Imagine that we have 20 games in our ecosystem; we want users to be able to trade these effortlessly in a DEX.

Apex Legends Global Series — ALGS Pro League


Our eSport team, Horizon (HRZN), wanted to greet the UFOARMY before the beginning of Split 2!

Unfortunately, due to the emerging events in Ukraine, all ALGS competition has been postponed. When the competitions resume, we will provide an update. We are looking forward to watching ZeroNothingg, G2Mimu, and Ruabbe bring their A-game to the stage when the tournament resumes.

If you haven’t already, you can check out our talented players Twitter and Twitch👇

(14) HRZN ZeroNothing (@ZeroNothingg) / TwitterZeroNothing — Twitch

(14) HRZN Mimu (@G2Mimu) / TwitterMimu2D — Twitch

(14) HRZN Ruabbe (@Ruabbe) / Twitterruabbe — Twitch

Over a million viewers were watching their performance for Split 1.

Keep up to date with the calendar below 👇

Apex Legends Competitive Gaming Events Calendar — EA Official Site

Genesis NFT Backpacks

Preview: Backpack Design Level 1 & 4

The looks, skills, and character ratings of the new Genesis NFTs will change according to their level (1–4). Along with several items of gear and weapons, you will be given a backpack. Additionally, as indicated above, these bags are upgradeable according to your level.

The first preview shows backpack level 1, while the second displays bag level 4.

More on this as the game release approaches. 🛸

Learn more about UFO:

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