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12 min readSep 30, 2022


The sixteenth issue of UFO Monthly will review the previous months and provide insight into what to anticipate in the future.

The game development team is working diligently to prepare Super Galactic for our Closed Beta session. Our visual designers, blockchain, game, and front-end developers collaborate to ensure that everyone has a first-class experience.

We will mostly provide an update on the Closed Beta campaign, key Super Galactic fixes and quality of life improvements, the NEO AMA transcript, the in-house NFT Marketplace, and community-dedicated Q&A.

Ace’s video version of the UFO Monthly will be absent this month due to Covid, but he will return in all his splendor next month.

Article Content 👇

1.🎮 Super Galactic: Closed Beta Campaign

2. Super Galactic: Game Updates

→ New Cosmos background main menu UI screen

→ Character and armory stats

→ Defective inbound repairs

3. NFT Marketplace

4. Neo AMA Transcript Highlights & Podcast

5. Community Q & A

1. 🎮 Super Galactic: Closed Beta Campaign

Phase 1 of the Super Galactic Alpha, will conclude shortly.

Thank you to the 1,565 alpha players who contributed feedback and support tickets to help us improve the game, making it smoother and more enjoyable for all.

The emphasis of Phase 1 was on the game client, the micro- and macro-mechanics of the gameplay, PVP and PVE modes, etc. However, closed and open-beta versions will have a Web 3.0 connection, enabling players to test the game’s more authentic nature, including blockchain integration.

We will provide bulk access to around 20 individuals every campaign cycle.

Similar to how we did the Alpha campaign, we will conduct closed Beta access similarly. However, only dedicated players will have access to the Closed Beta Campaign; thus, we will revoke access to anybody who has not been online for around two weeks.

This is to circulate players that are inactive with new and active players.

For the first batch of closed-beta players, we will be allowing 20 people in through a Gleam Campaign. However, we will continuously conduct campaign rounds, allowing more and more people to play the Closed Beta through dynamic campaigns.

👽🖖🏻The UFO Gaming Gleam Campaign. This will be an Exclusive bi-weekly campaign to randomly choose closed-beta players.

Users will be selected randomly!

The rules of joining are simple. You MUST complete the gleam campaign for a chance to win a spot for Closed-Beta.

👽 Number of Closed-Beta Players: 20 per campaign round

👩🏼‍💻 Device: Windows Computer and 📱 Android Mobile

  • 🏆 If you get selected, you will receive an email from the official UFO Gaming email address, allowing you to download the application and log in using MetaMask wallet. UFO Gaming will provide more details about the process before the Closed Beta goes live!
  • You will be able to log in with your very own Wallet address from MetaMask.

Cick on one of the social media Icons in the Gleam link (Twitter for an example) and sign in before you can start the Gleam campaign.

  • ⚠️ Prompted with a throwaway warning message? Just add a profile picture to your Twitter account, and it will get fixed.

How to join:

To get a chance to join the Closed Beta Campaign, follow the simple steps in the Gleam Campaign.

Once released, please go to the Gleam Link.

Firstly, to register, you need to insert your 👇

Name, Email, Twitter ID, Telegram ID, Discord ID, ERC20 Wallet Address (for the giveaway), and answer the device question.

Finishing different activities such as following our Twitter account, retweeting, and joining our Telegram or Discord server will increase the number of entries, directly increasing your chance of winning one of the Closed Beta spots.

🛸More information regarding the campaigns will come shortly, #UFOARMY!

2. Super Galactic: Patch Note & Game Updates

This month’s Super Galactic patch notes and game updates are primarily focused on bug fixes, adding quality-of-life improvements, and upgrading the user interface and interfaces of our main menus, character view, and player hub.

New Cosmos background main menu UI screen

Our main menu user interface has been beautifully redesigned, adopting the purple and greenish hues of the gas formations surrounding these unusual worlds in deep space.

The “Star Map” will serve as one of the game’s key nodes for future SG players. Given that players will spend considerable time examining the weapons and equipment in the armory and the NFTs in the crew area, we feel that the user interfaces must be both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

Character and armory stats

  1. Health: Your character health value
  2. Energy: Your characters energy points
  3. Shield: Your character shield points
  4. Shield Regen: Shield Regeneration (percentage per second)
  5. Critical Chance: Increases the chance of a critical attack
  6. Critical Damage: Increases the chance of a critical attack damage
  7. Power: Increases your ability’s power
  8. Duration: Increases your abilities duration
  9. Range: Increases your abilities range
  10. Efficiency: Increases your abilities and efficiency

Defective inbound repairs

Our continuous alpha testers and game developers identified these bugs, and they have been found and resolved to improve the game’s quality of life. A game’s development is a never-ending process involving fine-tuning several systems. It would not have been feasible without the support tickets sent by our devoted community. Thank you!

These changes will be included in the next major patch, which will be publicized on our Telegram channel.

Resolved bugs:

  1. HP bars problem
  2. make building in Protect quest impossible to destroy by the Player
  3. Change drop items to new ones
  4. Destroy Building quest, destroyed animation Looped (check all)
  5. Drop can be picked up if the character is full
  6. Payload: quest cannot finish even if the payload reaches the final destination
  7. Incorrect payload behavior
  8. Grenade abilities: incorrect impact behavior
  9. Can move buildings with the “Thunderwave” skill
  10. Some building hitboxes issues
  11. Laser beam: incorrect behavior
  12. Grenade abilities: no missile in animation
  13. Wrong abilities combinations
  14. Players are getting stuck outside the wall
  15. Fade out only when the gameplay scene is fully ready — When you start a single-player mission screen, the client fades out before the character is spawned. The player should immediately see the character after the fadeout.

3. NFT Marketplace

Our NFT Marketplace is being created concurrently with Super Galactic, and we are ecstatic with its present development.

The NFT marketplace we are developing will be the first of its kind. Users will be able to purchase, sell, and exchange UFO Gaming digital assets in a safe and user-friendly marketplace. It will also display in-game assets, such as characters, skins, weapons, power-ups, upgrades, and special randomized NFT Characters with different rarities.

As the platform where players may collect UAP tokens (in-game rewards), breed their Genesis NFTs, and monitor their activity, the NFT Marketplace will be tightly integrated with Super Galactic. You will be able to create an account, mint, breed, sell, auction, bid, gift NFTs, and Rent out NFTs. Proud of your collections? Feel free to flaunt your in-game achievements with your very own verified Marketplace username.

We look forward to showcasing the marketplace!

4. Neo AMA Transcript Highlights & Podcast

Ace and UFoger of UFO Gaming met with Riley, a Neo community moderator, on August 30 to discuss ideas and future objectives.

Riley asked the UFO Gaming team questions such as;

  • How did UFO Gaming launch?
  • What sets you apart?
  • How strong is your community, and what role do they play in building the ecosystem?
  • What’s special about Super Galactic?

And more…

The whole piece on Medium is a detailed transcript of the AMA. If you were unable to attend the live event, the details are provided here.


Neo X UFO Gaming — AMA

🛸On August 30th, team members Ace and UFoger of UFO Gaming met with Riley, a Neo community administrator, to discuss…ufogaming.medium.com

We granted 17 fortunate AMA participants access to Super Galactic and will reserve places for them in the next Beta release. Super Galactic: Beta will have various improvements, such as a Web 3.0 connection.

In addition to the over two-hour AMA, Ace also participated in Neo’s very own Podcast, which can be accessed here:


5. Community Q & A

In this section, we answer direct feedback from the community. If you wish to have your questions answered, please submit them to our Q & A tweet or Telegram post 1 week before the UFO Monthly (which occurs at the end of each month).

Question 1:


At the moment, the cost of Genesis NFTs is planned to be 1,000 Plasma Points. This means that the total supply will be at least 10,000,000 Plasma Points.

Keep in mind as the game progresses, and as people breed, new players will gain access by purchasing NFTs on the official UFO Gaming marketplace.

Question 2:


Currently, the sole use for Plasma Points is minting Genesis NFTs. The Genesis NFTs are required to play Super Galactic, our first game. And the earned in-game currency will be the forthcoming UAP token.

However, we do not rule out the use of Plasma Points in the future.

Question 3:


All of our partnerships are different in nature. The fact that we have partnered with Polygon and Neo does not bring their native tokens into the equation of our game. However, it does mean that we will utilize some of our games on their networks as part of our multi-chain ambition, spread across many networks, and increase our reach as the main P2E platform.

However, to answer your question of token-relevance: The UFO Gaming native token $UFO will be essential in all of this. Additionally, the upcoming in-game currency, UAP, will be the main reward for the completion of quests, PVP battles, and so on.

Players ultimately earn money through breeding and selling NFTs and exchanging land, accessories, and native tokens.

Super Galactic’s economy will revolve around fights, daily quests, and breeding. In addition, PVP and PVE co-op will also be ways to earn revenue. To play, players must hold an UFOep NFT. You can only earn these through our fair launch by earning Plasma Points.

Players earn $UAP tokens for completing missions and daily quests. The closed-loop ecosystem contains three types of interaction: Players, UFOeps (NFTs), and core tokens ($UFO, $UAP, and Plasma Point).

You can imagine that two loops reflect the network’s value consumption and production aspects. The outer loop would represent consumers entering the ecosystem by purchasing $UFO. They then interact with the network to spend Plasma Points to mint new NFTs for themselves or $UFO and $UAP tokens to breed them to Beta- and Alpha UFOeps.

Question 4:


The initial player base for Super Galactic will be the community members that are minting Genesis NFTs. However, they are highly incentivized to breed these NFTs and thereafter sell them on the in-house NFT Marketplace. By doing this, they have the potential to earn revenue, in addition to stimulating the in-game player base and economy.

Genesis NFTs are first issued in a quantity of 10,000. However, they can breed up to seven times, and their offspring (Alpha- and Beta-UFOeps) may also breed up to seven times, which will organically boost player demand.

Currently, this is one of the most important aspects of any meaningful Play-to-Earn game.

Question 5:


To play Super Galactic, a user needs a playable NFT. This can be a range of Genesis NFTs, which are robotic soldiers:

  • Origin UFOep
  • Alpha UFOep (made by breeding two Origin UFOep’s)
  • Beta UFOep (made by breeding Alpha UFOep’s)

When the game is released, along with our NFT marketplace, players will be able to breed up to seven times, and their offspring (Alpha- and Beta-UFOeps) may also breed up to seven times, which will organically boost player demand. This will give early players (you can be one by farming Plasma Points and buying a Genesis NFT) the advantage of breeding soldiers, stimulating the supply and demand of future players.

Question 6:


We will undertake a comprehensive Closed- and Open-beta test for Super Galactic before disclosing any information on the future games coming to the Dark Metaverse. With the successful release of Super Galactic, we will be able to establish a consistent track record, giving our future games.

Before the Closed- and Open-Beta phases are through, it is ineffective to provide a release date for our games. The objective of Alpha and Beta testing of our games is to make as many improvements as possible before releasing the final version to the general audience.

(The whole purpose of having Alpha and Beta testing of our games is to improve them as much as possible before we introduce the finalized version to the open public.)

We are ambitious and want to achieve our aims. The only way to do this is to produce a nearly flawless product, which needs extensive testing.

Once both the closed and open betas are complete, we will be confident enough to announce the official release date.

Question 7:


Once our game developers give us the green light to publish the Closed-Beta, we will do so. It is well underway and looking good.

Question 8:


UFO Gaming will generate income through multiple avenues. We will create a robust platform that publishes in-house games and partners with Game Studios to distribute third-party games. In addition, we will host our very own NFT Marketplace and Metaverse, both of which have the potential to generate advertising money. In addition, we are associated with robust venture capitalists that are eager to support these goals.

Question 9:


We intend to create an open and inclusive ecosystem for web 3.0 by creating and building a decentralized gaming platform where users can choose their favorite genre to earn from. In addition to asset ownership fully determined by the users (an important one), and gaming assets that are not isolated to one specific game. They can be transferred from one platform to another (hence, why crypto is crucial), and of course, a play-to-earn gaming economy that is transparent and sustainable.

We are contributing by creating a platform that will have the capability to launch your favorite P2E games. The UFO Gaming platform aims to set the P2E and crypto gaming standard, becoming a bridge while offering several genres for our users to choose between.

Additionally, by continuously evolving our DAO structure, we seek to be even more inclusive by allowing community members to directly take part in important decisions.

Question 10:


UFO Gaming is officially live on two networks:

Ethereum and Polygon.

Below are all relevant contract addresses to UFO and the staking dAPP:

UFO Token Ethereum address:


UNIV2 Tokens Ethereum address:


UFO Token Polygon address:


UNIV2 Tokens Polygon address:


Plasma Points (Polygon): 0x389DBaC88B6575168D5bb381e9Df8e2961b91EA0

Our aim is to allow the UFO Gaming token to exist in a multitude of chains, giving users the flexibility to choose.

Question 11: JOHNACHANNYA Admin, when will whitepaper 2.0 be release pls


The UFO Gaming Whitepaper 2.0 is currently being worked on. Once finalized and quality checked, it will be released to our community.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter and Telegram. 👀

Learn more about UFO:

UFO Gaming ($UFO) is a fully decentralized gaming platform bridging traditional games onto the blockchain and giving players the ability to earn while playing. Blockchain. P2E. Metaverse. Virtual land. NFT. Gaming.



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