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1. NFT Marketplace

Introducing the UFO Gaming NFT Marketplace

What is an NFT?

Why an NFT Marketplace?

The Importance of an NFT Marketplace

A breakdown of the UFO Gaming NFT Marketplace, its use-case, and its importance in growing our brand in the years to come.

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Genesis NFT View

  1. Power — Increases your total damage.
  2. Health points — The total amount of damage the character can take until he enters bleed out state in a co-op or death state in a single player. It does not have passive regeneration, but health damage can be healed with some abilities or by other means.
  3. Shield points — Increased shield points grant higher damage resistance through your shield stat.
  4. Shield regen speed — Increases the regeneration speed of your shield once it’s depleted.
  5. Reload speed — Weapon reload speed acceleration. Reload occurs automatically and can happen only for weapons currently in hands. Reload starts automatically after the character stops shooting.
  6. Critical chance — Random chance to do damage improved by critical damage. Every character and every weapon has its basic critical chance and critical damage.
  7. Critical multiplier — Increases the multiplier damage of your critical hits.
  8. Energy — A resource used mainly to cast abilities. Every ability has its own energy cost. Energy is restored by energy pack drops from enemies and by some abilities.

Auction & Fixed Price


Mint Genesis NFTs

2. Early Access to the Alpha Dark Metaverse

3. Super Galactic: Game Updates

4. Community Q & A

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