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4 min readOct 2, 2023


Super Galactic Updates & Twitter Spaces

Greetings, UFO Army!

We are working hard to fine-tune Super Galactic and the UFO Gaming ecosystem for the coming months- and years. We’re happy to say that progress is being made with each passing day.

This month’s article will cover Super Galactic updates, patch notes, and uplifting words about the closed beta.

Furthermore, Ace will be hosting a Twitter Spaces in the coming days.

Stay tuned.

Article Content 👇

1. Super Galactic Update & Patch Notes

2. Super Galactic Closed Beta

3. Twitter (or X) Spaces

1. Super Galactic Update & Patch Notes

Attention, commanders of the cosmos.

Super Galactic has rolled out a suite of updates to enhance your upcoming interstellar gaming experience.

We’ve made some exciting improvements, both visually and under the hood.

Let’s dive deep into the changes:

Gameplay Updates:

  • New gameplay UI layout
  • Detailed popups for skills added in the main menu
  • Adapted skill popup positioning (both vertical & horizontal)
  • Adapted stats popup positioning (both vertical & horizontal)
  • Detailed view now shows without an ‘update’ button in popup

UI layout updated in the main menu

  • Skills detailed view popup established
  • Assets updated for detailed stats popup display
  • Added a detailed popup for stats in the main menu
  • Skills and stats are now highlighted when hovering in the main menu under the crew tab

Detailed skill view updated:

  • Enhanced UI aesthetics
  • Displays energy cost and damage dealt
  • Descriptions updated
  • The stat description screen is updated
  • UI assets updated
  • Stats UI refreshed

Technical & Asset Updates:

  • Serialized dictionary validation fixed
  • Enemy attack code refactored
  • Unity-generated font changes implemented
  • Wallet connect packages updated

Skill Fixes & Updates:

‘Induced photosensitivity’ skill revamped:

The skill now harnesses the parameter p1 for power, with adjustments ensuring effective resistance reduction. And yes, it’s been calibrated to function flawlessly on training dummies.

  • Now utilizes parameter p1 for power
  • Parameter p1 adjusted to be negative to reduce resist
  • Proper functioning on training dummies ensured

2. Super Galactic Closed Beta

The official start of the Super Galactic Closed Beta campaign is closing in.

The emphasis of Phase 1 was on the game client, the micro- and macro-mechanics of the gameplay, PVP and PVE modes, etc. However, closed and open-beta versions will have a Web 3.0 connection, enabling players to test the game’s more authentic nature, including blockchain integration.

We will provide bulk access to around 15-20 individuals every campaign cycle.

Quite similar to how we did the Alpha campaign, we will conduct closed Beta access. However, only dedicated players will have access to the Closed Beta Campaign; thus, we will revoke access to anybody who has not been online for around two weeks.

This is to circulate players that are inactive with new and active players and to garner relevant feedback to improve the game as effectively as possible.

However, we will continuously conduct campaign rounds, allowing more and more people to play the Closed Beta through dynamic campaigns.

We are currently managing the last preparations to allow lucky community members to experience the freshly updated Super Galactic.

3. Twitter (or X) Spaces

Good news, UFO Army!

On Thursday, 5th of October, at 10 AM EST, all eyes will be on Ace as he gears up to host another UFO Gaming Twitter (X) Spaces.

As always, any question, inquiry, or input is welcome.

See you then!

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