#19 Monthly Special: Happy New Year, UFO Army!

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9 min readDec 31, 2022

Looking back on the past and forward to the future

Happy New Year, UFO Army! We are only hours from the beginning of 2023.

This article will review the previous year's development, progress, and accomplishments. In addition, we will discuss the future of UFO Gaming and what our loving community can anticipate in the coming years.
As we approach the new year, we wanted to take a few moments to reflect on UFO Gaming’s development, success, and accomplishments over the past two years. This has been an amazing and fruitful trip thus far, and we could not have done it without the support of our community.

In the past few years, we’ve reached a market cap of over $1.5 billion, entered the top 100 projects on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, and been listed on 16 exchanges. In addition, we announced twelve solid partnerships with highly regarded blockchain companies & projects.

One of the most significant events of the last year was the release of our debut game, Super Galactic Alpha, which has already been tested by 1,565 players. And with the creation and development of our NFT marketplace and version 1 of the Metaverse, we are positioning ourselves as a key participant in the blockchain gaming industry.

As we enter the new year, we are eager to continue building on this solid foundation and providing even more value to the community. We appreciate your support and are excited to see where UFO Gaming and the #UFOARMY go in the future.

Past Achievements

Let’s look back at some of the milestones achieved within our first two years:

  • Finished A Complete Rebrand
  • Staking dApp Release: Secure and Thriving!
  • Multiple Audits were completed on the staking dApp & token
  • Genesis NFTs Designed & Gamified
  • Launched our debut game Super Galactic: Alpha version
  • Integrated complex game economics, designs & tokenomics to SG
  • Hit over $1.5bn Market Cap
  • Made it into the Top 100 projects on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  • Made it into the Top 3 Play-To-Earn projects on CoinGecko
  • Made it into the Top 4 Metaverse projects on CoinGecko
  • Grew our community to 250,000 strong across multiple Social Media platforms
  • Gained over 66,000 holders
  • Got listed on 16 exchanges
  • Announced 12 partnerships
  • Received significant community trust votes on Dextools
  • Were the first Blockchain Gaming Platform to host an eSports tournament
  • Were the largest sponsor of the Chainlink Fall Hackathon 2021
  • Super Galactic: Alpha release with 1,565 players.
  • NFT Marketplace Development Build
  • Metaverse Version 1 Build
  • Metaverse Easter Egg Hunt
  • Released monthly community updates

And much more.

We couldn’t have done any of this without the astounding support from our community. As a fair-launch, community-owned project, our community members are at the heart of everything we do, and we want to thank each and every one in our #UFOARMY.

The Monthly Articles

We have been consistently updating our community through monthly articles, giving proper insight into monthly happenings, current developments, updated timelines, and future releases.

These updates will continue but have been temporarily replaced with Metaverse meetups at our very own V1 early access https://ufometaverse.io/

The Future

Looking into the crystal ball of UFO Gaming, there is no doubt that we are in for a spectacular journey.

It is important to know that certain product releases are essential prerequisites for others. For example, the staking dApp is needed in order for the Genesis NFTs to be minted by Plasma Points. Additionally, the NFT Marketplace is needed before minting can occur, and so on.

In a similar manner, development takes time, and there is no way to precisely give a release date for said products as we prioritize security and flawless user experience first. By providing a good experience from the get-go, our products will manage to speak for themselves and give our community the quality they deserve.

Let’s take a look into future happenings:

  • New Roadmap and WP Release in early 2023
  • Closed-Beta Game Launch
  • Staking dApp finishes Plasma Point minting
  • NFT Marketplace Release
  • Genesis NFT Minting
  • Breeding Contracts Live
  • UAP launch (2nd token)
  • Game Integration SCs
  • Official Game Launch with fully capable
    PVE & PVP multiplayer
  • Virtual Land
  • Metaverse V2 Build Out
  • Launchpad Mechanism
  • New Partnerships

The staking dApp is live and thriving, allowing users to stake UFO on Ethereum and bridge rewards to the Polygon blockchain, where over 70% of GameFi projects are running. Polygon is a fast, low-cost Layer-2 sidechain that is fully compatible with Ethereum so that users can enjoy the full UFO Gaming experience with lower gas fees. The staking app also allows users to earn rewards by staking both UFO tokens and UFO-ETH LP UNI-V2 tokens, with attractive bonuses for staking in the UFO-ETH LP pool.

In addition to the staking app, we have completed the design and game rules for Genesis NFTs and built a progression for genetic breeding in Super Galactic. Players will be able to earn UAP tokens and combine them with UFO to increase the breeding generation of their NFTs. We are also hard at work on the NFT marketplace, which will be the hub for NFTs and Dark Metaverse land and will feature all of the upcoming titles under the UFO brand.

Finally, we have been hard at work on Super Galactic, including testing the mobile versions and implementing multi-player features such as Death Match PvP and cooperative missions. We also have plans to support guilds and other social features to enhance the gaming experience with friends and enemies.

We are confident that all of these projects will be worth the wait and will bring exciting new experiences to UFO Gaming.

Dynamic Gaming Platform

In the future, UFO Gaming will launch as a dynamic gaming platform featuring a variety of games, virtual land, and an interactive “Dark Metaverse.” With a “One planet. One game” vision, this vast ecosystem will capture various markets and begin with the debut game, Super Galactic. To build this platform, we are releasing our products in several phases.

The first phase was (and still is!) the UFO staking app, which allows users to earn rewards and Plasma Points. These points can be used to mint rare NFTs called Genesis NFTs, giving users a chance to earn UAP and breed.

The second phase is the NFT Marketplace reveal, which will be the main hub for trading native assets.

The third phase is the launch of Super Galactic, where Genesis NFTs will be used to play the game, and breeding contracts will allow users to fuse two NFTs to create a new one. Our talented developers and resources will make all of this possible, bringing the excitement of a “One planet. One game” Metaverse to life.

Other phases will naturally follow, such as Virtual Land, new games, and new releases within the UFO Gaming platform.

Roadmap & Whitepaper Update

UFO Gaming is currently working on the 2.0 version of its whitepaper, which will be made available to the public after completion and quality control. The revised whitepaper and roadmap will outline the company’s future goals and updated ecosystem structures, with stages that have been and are aimed at completion between 2022 and 2024.

Some of the key milestones outlined in the roadmap include:

  • Growth Phase (completed)
  • Litepaper Release
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Partnership Reveal
  • Tier 1 Centralized Exchange
  • Blackhole Phase
  • Staking (LIVE)
  • Early Access to the Alpha Dark Metaverse
  • Intergalactic Phase
  • NFT Marketplace
  • NFT Minting: Genesis, Melee- and Ranged Weapons, Marketplace
  • In-Game NFT Assets: First Generation Genesis Collection, UFOGER Collection, UFOPredator Collection, UFOGEES Collection
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Super Galactic Game & P2E system
  • Alpha Testing: First community testing of Super Galactic
  • Closed-Beta: Testing with an increased number of testers, not open to the public
  • Open-Beta: Open to the public, but users must hold/purchase a Genesis NFT and a weapon from the marketplace to play
  • UAP (two-token system) LBP Launch
  • Virtual Land: Pegasus Land Release, “X” Land release
  • Dark Metaverse: Alpha with Web 3.0 connection

Additionally, UFO Gaming will reveal a tier list, offer early access whitelisting, and integrate projects into its marketplace. Our platform will also be potentially incubating P2E and metaverse projects.

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